Who is Joanna


I am did not quit my job in the corporate world to travel the globe.. yet. I enjoy home too much. Being with my family, watching the kids grow up and enjoying every moment while they still want me around. I would also miss my own bed too much. If it is not my bathroom that I miss first, it is my bed.

Hi! My name is Joanna. I am a future full time wanderer of planet Earth, explorer of hidden gems, hater of airplanes, lover of water and nature although bugs scare me and sand in my shorts is not something I would call ideal. I love fried food but not when it is dripping in oil.

I enjoy the city but would prefer hikes with nice views and sitting my the water at any time of day. I like to bike as a little hobby and find getting lost on a bike a great way to discover new parts of the city. Growing up, I had a camera for a hand until one day while trying to take pictures of fireworks, my brother stopped and asked me, “do you ever just enjoy it?” Now, I try to photograph what I will look back at and feel something from the photo. I hope to capture photos that will also spark an emotion to those viewing them.

I do have my motorcycle’s license but have not ridden one since I got it summer of 2015. I would consider riding cross states exploring; cross-country I would prefer to be in a car. Maybe riding cross provinces in another country; not China or Vietnam though .. I’ve seen how they drive and ride like schools of fish, I would prefer to be in a closed off vehicle.

With this blog, I hope to share with you my experiences as I discover my travel style, photography style, my writing style and the person I become after each lesson.

Please join me as I explore the world both locally and globally. If you are in Philadelphia or if I am in your area, let’s meet! I would love to collaborate with you and see how I can help you in your journey.