To a Prosperous New Year!

Every year Dad has a party at the shop after praying for a prosperous new year.
But this year was a bit different! He turned the upstairs into a play area with a tire swing, bar swings, regular swing and even a rope for people to try to climb up! There was also a dartboard right behind me! I guess I trust them enough to stand in front!

Photo Note: The first few pictures have a really cool – as in cold, not B`) although I would say they are pretty B`) – look to it because I was still trying to find out which camera settings to use!


Showing the Boyfriend Reading Viaduct

It must really seem like I’m really into graffiti but it is just something I am really enjoying right now. Some of this stuff is so incredible and the time and effort the artist must put into these work amazes me.

Time at Reading Viaduct

Reading Viaduct

Another graffiti exploration! With some help from Google and social media we were quickly able to find the location and the safest entrance with parking and gates nicely cut and folded for you. We mean no harm! I just want to take pictures and see some of these amazing art work!
The first building that we came upon had machines I am unclear what they were for but inside the building had some nice graffiti.

As my brother processed to look into a room on one side, he noticed boots, a jacket hung up and curtains .. O.O we left the building after that. We weren’t sure how long this path lead and there were many times we said “should we stop here for the day?” but we continued – and I’m glad we did! We found the cool building that I see in many Instagram pictures. There is also a “ladder” you can climb up to see what other pieces are up there. And at the end of the path there was the giant tire swing I was looking for! I didn’t know it was giant but I was very excited that it was. Someone took the effort of lugging this giant tractor trailer tire up here, getting nice rope and climbed to the top to tie it up. Whoever you are, thank you! We also came across 3 normal swings along the way that people needed to get the materials, climb to the top and tie it up – thank you too!

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Who I Am and Why I’m Here

I have always been terrible at bios but good with lists so here goes!

Who I Am:

  • Joanna
  • The older sister, the cousin that takes them places, the girlfriend of a “car guy”
  • Would ideally love to be an adventure photographer, travel blogger, Photoshop master
  • Philly local
  • Terrible cook
  • Lion dancer, kung fu & kickboxing learner
  • I love puppies but do not have one
  • Working in technology in the financial world but never like to talk about work even at work

Why I’m Here:

Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

  • This is my public blog but my cousins and I do keep a daily journal that we share with each other to keep each other updated. This one is more to share my fun experiences with everyone who may be thinking about doing or going somewhere similar.

What topics do you think you’ll write about?

  • I will mostly be writing about new experiences in my life and places I get to visit. There are lots of things and places on my bucket list from small things like a pottery class to visiting new local places to visiting all different countries; last year was Hong Kong!

Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

  • Fun people in general! I follow a lot of car blogs, travel blogs, fashion bloggers, wedding photographers, blogs that shows me something fun and new that is happening in the world today. I would also love to connect with locals from Philly and the surrounding area for meet ups or just to make new friends!

If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

  • I would hope to have figured out my writing style and how to improve it. Along with growing my blog, I also hope to grow in my photography skills.
Graffiti Pier

Graffiti Pier

Oh graffiti. What a controversial topic. I have mix feelings about it. I am not for the ones that are just name scribbles on people’s property that is being used like stores, cars, houses. But I do really enjoy seeing the creative, artistic graffiti on abandoned places that are not even being maintained.

I recently learned that there is an abandoned pier right near me filled with graffiti. After a bit of social media research, the boyfriend and I were off to check it out.
It was pretty exciting to see but I thought there were going to be more big pieces. We will probably come back every once in a while to see if there are any new pieces up!

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The Clay Studio trio

Wheel Goes Round & Round

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at pottery! Mostly because I was excited to play with the wheel. It was one of the things on my 2014 activities list and the only incomplete one I could do at this point.

The Clay Studio offers both adult and children + family classes. I looked into the adults classes at first. They were all months long and not in my price range! I just wanted to try it out once to see if I like it. Turns out Ellen has been here before and what I was looking for was the children and family classes.

Hung, Casy & I signed up for the “Wheel Goes Round & Round” class. We were the only ones there without a kid – even though the 3 of us were probably more kiddy than the kids.

You’re allowed to take 2 of whatever you made home but I found 2 is really all you have time to make. I didn’t want to make a plain cup or bowl and had dragons on my mind that day so the instructor suggested making a cup then adding a dragon’s head and tail to it. So there we go!

wedge and figs None of us had breakfast yet so I was in charge of Yelping a place. I’ve had Wedge + Fig bookmarked for quite some time and since we were in the neighborhood, this was the pick. We arrived just in time! If we were a minute later we would have had to wait. The place is very small and the menu wasn’t that big either.

We decided on getting 3 different things to try and share: Egg Nola, Apple Stuffed French Toast & Strata. Everything was delicious! Except the mac & cheese used a stinky cheese, otherwise it was pretty close to perfect.

Bees a-buzzin’, kissable dandelion fuzz ♫

Have a wonderful & happy holiday!

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Brunch at Fare

Christmas Village on a Sunday Afternoon

Sitting in the living room on a Sunday afternoon browsing through events happening this weekend I decided .. Hey! Let’s go to Christmas Village! It was still early in the day, I just finished helping Tina with her homework and we didn’t have anything else to do so why not?
We were on our way to Love Park when I remembered reading that today is Pay-as-you-wish at the Art Museum. Since she’s never been there that was our first stop!

Then I was hungry so we Yelped a place near by and ended up at Fare. See that big plate in front of her? I think she literally took 3 bites. We had a lot of pita and hummus before and she wasn’t hungry to begin with so she took it home. She had the Short Ribs Egg Benedict and I had the Crab Cake with Avocado one.
And our final destination was our original destination: Christmas Village!

Around the turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for my family everyday and for the way they have raised me but a holiday for being thankful is a good reason to get the family together for dinner when it’s super cold out. Everyone is over all the time in the summer but as the temperature decreases, so does the amount of days the whole family comes over.

We are not really turkey eaters but for the spirit of Thanksgiving we got a “small” turkey. My brother and I were in charge of the mash potatoes so that meant we were taste testing .. a lot .. which meant we were pretty full by the time the turkey was done.

2PM World Tour

2PM World Tour at 8PM Friday night at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. 2PM is a group that I don’t follow but still listen to – after this concert, I think I will follow them more. They’ve been around for about 6 years and at the concert was such a funny and humble group which made me enjoy the concert so much more. The crowd turn out was extremely disappointing, it might have been because of their marketing. There are a few people who saw my posts about the concert and would have gone if they knew 2PM was coming. Still, I enjoyed myself and was very glad to have gotten the opportunity to see them.
snacksAbout 20 minutes from the Prudential Center is a Japanese supermarket, Mitsuwa. I’ve never heard of this place until Linda said she wanted to stop by before the concert. They sell all kinds of snacks and beauty products that looks just like the pictures you see online: cute and lots of pink. I ended up getting a basket full of snacks for my brother and boyfriend to try.
HannosukeOne side of the supermarket is also a cafeteria and gift/pastry shops. I looked around and ended up at Hannosuke for ten-don aka tempura bowls – #6 Chicken Tendon: chicken, shrimp, kakiage (veggie), nori and a soft boiled egg. I usually don’t like tempura, especially shrimp, but they made it very light and not as oily as most tempura that I’ve had.
sheep horseOutside in the plaza was a gift shop, Mars New York, with lots of Japanese goodies like t-shirts, bags and posters of manga or anime characters, stuff animals, little trinkets but also more traditional Japanese stuff like kimonos. But I would say everything was pretty pricey so mind your budget.
2pm2pmApologies for the terrible concert pictures, I debated about bringing my camera but came to the conclusion that I should really enjoy the concert instead of trying to capture it. That was also something I noticed – a lot of the crowd was pretty still. Why? Because they were too busy trying to take pictures and videos than enjoy the performance.

Here is their latest title song. Enjoy!