Mt. Fuji and Sir Fuji

Mt. Fuji 5th Station

Mt. Fuji 5th Station

If you are into collecting postcards, you cannot miss sending one from Mt. Fuji’s 5th station post office. But you need to be prepared for crowds of people, most pushing and shoving, to get their postcards stamped and mailed as well. Our tour gave us 45 minutes here and just sending the postcards took about 30 minutes – I did send 10 postcards though so it wouldn’t be as long if you only had a couple of postcards to write on.

5th Station Post Office 2,305 meters above sea levelStamp Time
Another thing of collectors are the ink pad stamps. Bring your own ink pads! The ones here were really dried out. You had to basically slam on the ink pad really hard a couple of times just to get a faint stamp to show up – I learned this by watching the person before me do it.

The ladies behind the counter selling the postcards and stamps has other kinds of ink pad stamps that they put on postcards. You can ask them to stamp your book if you’d like but make it quick as there are lots of other people waiting to purchase postcards.

Fusion Jump!Family Fuji

I would have to say that this stop on the tour was my favorite. Although we did not get to spend a lot of time here, it was beautiful. Even thought it may look hectic with so many people running around, it felt pretty peaceful to me.

After visiting this location, I now have “Climb Mount Fuji” on my bucket list.I think I would start somewhere up here as opposed to from the very bottom though.

Have a great day everyone!

Have you climbed Mount Fuji? Are there any tips or tricks you would recommend?

giant gundam

Giant Gundam

One of the things on the tour list that I was most excited about was the Giant Gundam. I didn’t watch it as a kid but I knew what it was. I think most people would compare it to Transformers but Gundam has actually been around longer.

When visiting the Giant Gundam, we noticed lots of kids in uniforms there as well as in the Diver City shopping mall. We asked our tour guide about this – since none of my schools would have taken me to the mall for a field trip – and was informed that those groups were probably from schools in the country sides so the shopping mall and random giant statues were not a common sight for them.

While doing some research, it seems like the Gundam has different performances throughout the day depending if it is day or night. I guess we were not there at a performance time.

Giant GundamDiver City Giant Gundam!Backside
Goats! Just randomly on a hill!

Let me leave you with something a little random. Goats on a hill in the middle of the city!

Did you watch Gundam as a kid?

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Japanese fish lunch

Akihabara + Grilled Fish + Shabu Shabu


Akihabara, the electronic district for things like camera to rice cookers. There are so many shops to choose from and all of them pretty much sells the same things. I would say the prices in the shops we visited were actually pretty expensive.

This is also the first place we saw the girls dressed as maids advertising the maid cafes. I thought they would be very open to taking pictures but they actually have signs with them that says no photographs and would turn away from camera. I guess that is so you will go into the cafe is pay for photos with them. We did go into one maid cafe, not in Akihabara though, where we learned quickly that their voices hurt to listen to pretty quickly. I wanted just a single ice cream sundae but it only came in as a whole set with 5 other things – who can eat that much dessert? Not me! You can also pay to take a polaroid with them and have them draw on it.

Japanese Fish LunchSetting for 11

For lunch, our tour guide took us to have a “traditional Japanese lunch” with grilled fish and many side dishes including tofu, soup, radishes, chicken, salad and natto ( in the white box under the radish) …. Natto is fermented soybeans and according is Wikipedia is an “acquired” taste – one that our family could not acquire..

Just know .. it's all you can eat.

For dinner, we were on our own and wanted to try out a shabu-shabu (a style of hot pot) place nearby. We couldn’t speak any Japanese and they couldn’t speak any English so we resorted to pointing and hand gestures. What we didn’t know and wasn’t able to point out was that we were at an all-you-can-eat place. camerapixel We ordered the one on the bottom left. What we gathered from looking at the receipt is: the price on the top is the price per person if you order the dish one time. If you order it again, the price is the next one down per person. We figured this out because we needed two tables and one table ordered two times.

The salad bar, drinks and ice cream is self- serve and also all-you-can-eat. Also for the meats, one table can only order one kind.

Expensive lessoned learned! We would have ate much more if we knew how the system worked!

Do you have any funny stories to share for a time when you could not speak the language?

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Sensoji Temple + Nakamise Street

The Garden at Narita Excell Tokyu HotelIMG_0317

Our first night’s hotel, Narita Excell Hotel Tokyu, had a nice little garden in the lower level. They also have an outdoor pool but it wasn’t very well maintained.SensojiSensojiSensojiSensojiSensojiSensojiBreathe in the smoke for good fortuneFirst stop, Sensoji Temple  in Asakusa (also called: 浅草寺, Sensōji, Asakusa Kannon Temple). This is Tokyo’s oldest temple which came about when two fishermen fished up a statue of Kannon. The temple was bombed in WWII but has been rebuilt to what it is today.

Inside you can throw coins into a kind of wishing well. According to our tour guide, the kind of coin you threw in mattered: 5 or 50 is for destiny, a happy marriage; 10 or 100 is for general luck, good travel, etc.

Outside there is a big incense burner for those praying outside. It is said that the smoke from the incense have a healing power so you will see many people fanning the smoke towards themselves.

They can get their own food!Blending in
Nakamise Street
PastriesCharmander can't have anyWish I got the sumo cup!Right by the temple is Nakamise Street where you can pick up some souvenirs or try some Japanese snacks. Tiger told us there are done snacks that you could only fund here but we didn’t know which ones so we only tried what looked good.

This day we also learned a bit about the Japanese job hunting process when we drove by a few people wearing “cheap” suits. University students job hunting all wear the same thing: a cheap suit and white shirt. Everyone is on the same level. You don’t wear an expensive suit until you go up in the ranks and once you have gotten the job, you do not wear the same suit you wore to the interview again.

Another interesting thing he mentioned – that I’ve actually read online before is the work culture:

“In America, when the bell rings you can leave. My American friend gets upset if he cannot leave at 5:30; but not in Japan. If you are a manager, you can leave when the time comes but if the work is not done, the rest of the team cannot leave until it is finish. If the manager does not leave, worker cannot leave or it shows disrespect. But we are a helping culture. We all cover each other. We like to drink. The good paying salary (managers), need to take the team out at least once a week. The last train on Friday is full of drunk people. This is a good culture (builds team bonding.)”

I’ve read somewhere before that Japan gets to take naps during their work day. But then I read somewhere else that they get to take naps because of the ridiculous amount of hours they must work. I will skip taking a nap for my regular hours thank you.

Welcome to Japan!

Our first time in Japan! We booked a tour with J&L Travel Agency because none of us can speak any amount of Japanese to survive and the parents wanted to try out a tour first. The lady that helped us there was very thorough when explaining what all the charges were for and what we needed to do. However, she didn’t tell us that the places are subject to change; maybe even she didn’t know.

We booked the 7 Days Japan [Kanto, Kansai] Special Tour (JTK7) from Grand Holiday. Having been to the places and looking back now, we were cheated in their extra “admission” cost. On their website, it starts that there is an extra $250USD for admission fees to: Ginza + Asakusa KannonTemple + Oshino Hakkai + Mount Fuji + Kiyomizu. But it looks like only Oshino Hakkai has an admission fee and we didn’t even go to Kiyomizu. Our tour guide also liked to change up our lunch options without telling us. He would tell us what lunch was suppose to be for the day then tell us that he thought the local food around the area is better and give us back our money for that. I didn’t mind this too much since I like wandering around looking for food.

This photo right here is a bit misleading .. that is because after our 16 hour flight, we stopped in Hong Kong for 4 hours and met up with family from California before our 4 hour flight to Narita, Japan.

Airport NoodlesWelcome!Beware

Funny story about the airport .. I read about stamp collecting in Japan and was very excited to do this! My brother and I brought our old expired passports as our stamp books. We new the airport had to have a stamp so we were trying to communicate with the employees there – should have learned the word for stamp in Japanese. It turns out there are observations desks and one was suppose to have stamps. Steven and I went running through the airport and up 4 floors like crazy people trying to find it but when we got to the North Observation Deck… we couldn’t find the stamp!!! 😭😭😭 The rest of the family was waiting for the tour guide and we thought you would be late so we ran back to the group but it turned out the guide still wasn’t there yet .. but we didn’t know when he would show up so we didn’t go looking for the South Observation Deck.

First stopTakoyaki

For the first night, dinner was on our own. Our tour guide, Tiger, told us the hotel we were staying at, Narita Excell Tokyu, offers a free shuttle to Aeon Mall near by so that’s where we went.

First things first .. Takoyaki (aka octopus balls)! We tried the ones at Gindaco which was a bit disappointing ..

Sushi on a belt!

What is a trip to Japan if you don’t eat sushi!? And what better way to get sushi than on a conveyor belt! You could also pick from the menu and ask the chefs in the middle to make you something.

Japanese Snacks
Not SourChip or Dale

We spent the rest of the night shopping for little things like snacks and school supplies .. =P That little guy up there, Chip or Dale, was only $6USD! But I couldn’t get him .. It was only the first day of the trip so it would have been a hassle bringing him everywhere.

The first day was not very exciting but stay tuned for the more fun details of the rest of the trip!

Ocean City in the Winter

Going to the beach in the winter has always been on my bucket list – not necessarily going into the water though. Our original plan for this extended weekend trip was to go hiking in New York but after the single digit forecast for the weather we decided to go south instead.

The trip was a very relaxing one! Because of the very cold weather we mostly stayed at the hotel only going out to eat. It also helped that our hotel was really nice! Small in general, as in not many rooms, but the rooms itself were very spacious and decorated very comfortably. My favorite comfort hotel so far!

The Lighthouse Lounge

During our 3 night stay, we were able to check out 4 different rooms! The story behind that is .. all the Lightkeeper Suites (bigger rooms) were taken so we got a Lighthouse Suite (smaller room) for the first night. The Lighthouse Suit may be smaller but it is still very spacious. The bathroom had a big enough tub for you to take a bubble bath in and all the soap and shampoos smelled like oranges. The only negative was the view of the parking lot.

Our second night we moved into the Lightkeeper Suite – fireplace, double jacuzzi, sectional sofa and even more space! However, our fireplace wasn’t working and they couldn’t fix it so they give us a free upgrade to The Edge #3 Bliss! This place was AMAZING! I am not too great with words so let me direct you to what their website says:

A split-level one or two-bedroom suite overlooking the outdoor dipping pool at The Edge and the Isle of Wight Bay. The Tibetan influence in the accessories and photography is memorable. A Queen sleigh bed is positioned in the suite with a King bed in the second bedroom. A walk-in shower and stone bathroom compliments the eastern influence. Wet bar with refrigerator and coffeemaker, Starbuck’s Coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Cali natural amenities. Frette bedding and terry toweling. Spa Robes. Complimentary Continental Breakfast in Suite. Evening Turndown Service.

What I can say though is that their description is very accurate! I remember looking around thinking “this is a monk themed room” – the photos on the walls were of monks, there were paintings of Chinese writing and a Buddha head statue. The outdoor “dipping pool” was frozen, otherwise, it might be a little awkward when people are in there because you will see right into the giant window of our room. They forgot to mention their heart-shaped double jacuzzi which was very comfy and the fake fireplace. “Evening Turndown” service is when they come to your room with orange juice, fruits and chocolate and will light the candles in the room. I really loved the stone walk-in shower. Huge room and 2 shower heads. And 2 beds!? A king bed!? We slept sideways just because we could!

If it wasn’t for the heavy wind and expecting snow we would have been able to stay another night in that room. But instead, they asked us to move back to The Lightkeeper Suites – although the same layout as our first one, the fireplace worked!

They also have a lounge area (photo above) with boardgames, a fireplace, complimentary tea and coffee and freshly baked cookies in the afternoon. You also get a view of the bay, for us the frozen bay, and you can step outside onto the patio.

And before I forget, the GPS tells you to turn down 60th street to get to the hotel but that actually takes you to their restaurant. You need to turn down 56th street between OC Brewing Company and the plaza with Dunkin Donuts.

And now .. let’s eat!
Gator Bites The first place we ate at was actually not in Maryland but Milton, Delaware on our way down. The place is called Po’ Boys Creole and Fresh Catch and if you are not paying attention you might just drive pass it.

The place felt like a local mom and pop restaurant and the service went right along with it!

There is a special’s menu next to their kitchen, on the way to the bathroom so remember to take a look. That is where we discovered the Gator Bites – photo above. They were so good and I could eat them as a snack all day! Perfectly crispy on the outside and not oily – which is very important to me.

We were originally seated at a 2 persons table but after all we ordered, they moved us to a 4 persons tables.

Layton’s Ninety-Second St Restaurant

For breakfast the next morning we went to Layton’s Ninety-Second St Restaurant. My french toasts were too sweet and the walnuts tasted a bit burnt. Apple got the Hungryman’s Griddle – “scrambled eggs smothered with hash browns, green peppers, onions and sausage, then covered with cheddar cheese and delicious country-style sausage gravy. Served with toast.” Doesn’t that just sound soo good!? Because it was!

The Little House of Pancakes

We also had breakfast at The Little House of Pancakes. The food here is like how to make everything at home and it was good! I also discovered I really like sourdough bread! Ribs for breakfast? Why not!

And one final picture from when we ran onto the beach on the windiest day! Funny story .. I was trying to get out of the car but the wind was blowing against my door. I got half my body out when the wind pushed the door even harder squishing me!

Classic Trip to VA Beach

-The Numbers-

  • 20 people
  • 3 vehicles
  • 6 hours
  • 5 days, 4 nights

Family vacation to Virginia Beach use to be an annual event until the older of us “kids” grew up and began to get busy with college, internships and now work. But this year, we really pushed to go and I am glad we did!

I want the younger of the kids to enjoy family vacations and have as many as possible until they get a little older and don’t want to hang out with us “old” people anymore. But I think with us older “kids” to guide them they should be okay. They seem to understand the value and joy of spending time with family more than I did at their age.


The younger of the kids are getting older and bigger but us older kids don’t realize that until we take a good look at them and see how tall they’ve gotten and think about what grade they are in. Otherwise, they are still very much little babies to us.

-Highlights of the Trip-

  • Hilarious pictures of Kes crying with everyone else behind
  • Polaroids with Grandpa and learning about his childhood
  • Pretty nice waves – thunderstorm
  • Writing with sparklers – especially the adults
  • Intense water Marco-Polo game in the pool
  • Card games with Steven’s friends
  • Playing Ninja in the pool
crying kes ellen

We don’t make her cry but we do take advantage of it when she does =) But that’s what cousins do!

kes whipping tears

My favorite picture from the trip

Polaroids with Grandpa

My awesome Grandpa!


skittles boarding

They were skittles for a day which made them easy to spot!

storm boarding

out because of storm

stevens friends

-Other Memorable Moments-

  • Fireworks on the first night
  • Jogging in the morning
  • Chicken in the pool resulting in headbumps
  • Painful sunburn
morning jog

The joggers

ec chicken


kes hold this

seaweed kes

night beach jump

-Where We Filled Our Tummies-

  • Captain George’s Seafood Buffet
  • Pizzeria
  • Pho 79
  • Pocahontas’ Pancake House
  • Neptune’s Restaurant
  • Café Amario
french toast

French toast

4 dozen roses

-Song of the Trip-
MKTO – Classic


Lincoln Park

Visiting the Windy City

This will be considered mine & Hung’s first extended weekend trip we always talked about doing. Chicago was chosen random only because my coworkers just happened to be talking about Chicago a lot during the time we were trying to figure out where we should go.

Apple & Hung came over then Dad dropped all of us off. Pokemon on the flight!? Just for a bit before take off.

-The Transportation-

We rented a car which was not the original plan but turned out much smarter than not – words of advice: don’t be cheap – we were originally going to take public transportation around to save money but in the end, we would have been miserable not staying in the city and having to commute for an hour by train and bus one way on vacation. Although we had to spend a little more renting a car, paying for parking and gas, we were definitely a lot more stress-free than if we didn’t.

-The Hotel-

I’ve never used Hotwire before but my coworker was telling me that she has used it many times and always saved money and liked the hotels she stayed at – you just have to do a little research before you book. Tips for using Hotwire’s secret hotels option:

  1. Search the general area where you want to stay at
  2. Pick the hotel you are interested in
  3. You are provided with the area’s name, hotel rating (stars), price and in my case, I was given distance from the airport
  4. Go on TripAdvisor
  5. Search the area and filter by number of stars
  6. With the results and other information given, you should be able to narrow down the hotels and if you like all of them, it doesn’t matter which one it turns out to be

In my case, the hotel I thought it would be turned out to be the one we booked! But we did not stay in the main city so there weren’t as many hotels to narrow down from. I’m sure trying this for hotels within the big city may be harder to narrow down but it is worth a shot. We stayed at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Skokie and absolutely loved it! As soon as you check-in – physically – you are offered warm chocolate chip walnut cookies! When you check-in on Yelp you will also get a deal to redeem a free cookie. Let me share a secret with you! You can ask for as many cookies as you want at any time during your stay!

Hotel pool

My favorite part about this hotel is their pool. It may look small in the photos online and at first glance. It says on their website they have an indoor and outdoor pool but it is actually 1 big pool! A divider comes down the middle but only up to the water level – you can swim under or pick up the flap to go in and out! SO COOOL! And because we were not that close to the city, we had the pool all to ourselves for 2 days. It seemed like this hotel is more for business people or smaller families. I would love to stay at this hotel again when I come back.

-The Sights-
Cloud Gate
Buckingham Fountain
Crown Fountain
Jay Pritzker Pavilion
Millennium Park
Chinatown Square
OZ Park
Navy Pier
Lincoln Park Zoo
Willis Tower

One of the parks we passed by but did not get the name of.

Cloud Gate on cloudy day

Cloud Gate on cloudy day

water bending

He wanted to water bend.

Willis Tower in the afternoon

Willis Tower in the afternoon

Willis Tower at night

Willis Tower at night

-The Food-
Kuma’s Corner
Paleteria Arco Iris
Mia Figlia
St. Alp Teahouse
Grandma J’s Local Kitchen
Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria
Bow Truss Coffee Roasters River North
Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ
Hot Doug’s

Kuma's Corner

Kuma’s Corner

Chamoyada De Mango at Paleteria Arco Iris

Chamoyada De Mango at Paleteria Arco Iris

Mia Figlia

Mia Figlia

Grandma J's Poached Humboldt

Grandma J’s Poached Humboldt

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

cash register at Bow Truss Coffee Roasters River North

The cool working cash register at Bow Truss Coffee Roasters River North

Gyu-Kaku's stone pots

Gyu-Kaku’s stone pots – so delicious!!

Hot Doug's

Hot Doug’s

summary delay Oh and did I forgot to mention? We were delayed 2 hours on our way home – we were also there 2 hours early which makes the wait 4 hours. Apparently O’Hare Airport is known for that. No one told us why we were delayed and when we asked the people at the booth, they didn’t know either. But in the end, we all really enjoyed the trip. It has to have been one of the more relaxing ones.

keep havin a good day

We saw 2 of these in the city.

Until next trip!

Hong Kong in My Tummy

– The Food –

Let’s start off with the necessity: FOOD! It definitely helps to know someone who is local or else we’d be wandering through all the tourist traps.

Cold Milk Tea

Genki Sushi

My first conveyer belt sushi experience!

Genki Sushi

Different color and style of plates are different prices.

Kaiser Bakery

Breakfast almost every morning.

lemon coke

Lemon Coke! So simple but I’ve never had and love it now! I don’t normally drink a lot of soda but this made me drink Coke a lot.

curry fish balls

One of my favorite things about Hong Kong! Curry Fish Balls at almost every block.

Lin Heung Kui, 蓮香居, tea

Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) a more traditional tea setting where everyone gets their own cup of tea.

Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant, 裕記燒鵝飯店, honey lemon shrimp

Honey lemon shrimp at Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant (裕記燒鵝飯店) was delicious! This store is located in the back of a parking lot down a small street. Somewhere you may not have discovered if no one has been there before.

Lucky Dessert, 發記甜品, durian

Lucky Dessert (發記甜品) is a cute “old school” dessert place with plastic seats outside that you see in Hong Kong movies. There is a variety of desserts you can choose from like durian, mango or shaved ice. It was the first time for some of the Si Hing’s to try durian!

korean grilled squid

This was from a stand in Ocean Park. When you order it, the person runs it through the grill one more time to make it hot. I preferred it normal temperature though.

Hui Lau Shan, 許留山

Hui Lau Shan (許留山) 3 layer drinks were delicious! They have a layer of coconut jelly that they do not have back home!

Parfaite Patisserie, macarons, xoxo, badtz maru

I stumbled upon Parfaite Patisserie by accident checking prices of currency exchange places to look for the best rate. I noticed these Badtz Maru, which they call XOXO, maracons by the window so I went inside. The lady was very sweet and we ended up having a conversation about traveling.

cafe de coral

“A typical Hong Kong breakfast.” At home, this is also a “typical breakfast” for me but I did not like how it was made here. I make the same thing at home more to my liking..

Pizza 2, King Pizza Tuesday, pizza

Ainhi recommended we try Pizza 2 aka King Pizza Tuesday right by the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple. I was not a fan of their pizza but their mash potatoes I liked.

snake soup

Can you believe I tried SNAKE soup!? Normally at home I wouldn’t try anything “weird” but being in Hong Kong, I had the mentality of ‘I’m on vacation, let me try everything.’ It just tasted like fish.


I cannot recall this restaurant’s name and they didn’t have a business card but it was in a cafeteria setting. There are many stands around and tables in the middle. At this particular stand, you get to pick the type of noodle you wants, how you wanted it cooked and what goes on top.

I didn’t think I would be eating chicken and french fries in Hong Kong but after lion dance practice, this place was right around the corner in a hole of a building. You are find the best things in hidden places!

鯉魚門, Wai Lung Seafood Restaurant, 威龍海鮮酒家, fish market

In 鯉魚門, there are fish markets associated with a restaurant usually across from them. You picked out the type of fish you want from the market then let the restaurant know how you want it cooked so everything is guaranteed fresh! The restaurant we went to was Wai Lung Seafood Restaurant (威龍海鮮酒家); it was amazing!!
Warning: There are people outside of every restaurant trying to get you to pick their restaurant! Also, it is best to go with someone who knows the places since there is no set menu or price here, they can tell you whatever price they want.

Dai Man Ki, 大滿喜日本料理

If you are going to Dai Man Ki (大滿喜日本料理) for sushi, make sure you make a reservation!

The food in Hong Kong is definitely a bit different than back home. I didn’t get the oily feeling in my throat, chest and stomach that I get from almost anything I eat. However, there are things I prefer back home. For example, the takoyaki aka the octopus balls. They fill their takoyaki with lettuce! Lots of it!

Restaurant Information:

安利 大排檔
Address: Hong Kong, 筲箕灣東大街57號
Phone:+852 2567 7122

Genki Sushi (元気寿司)
– various locations

Kaiser Bakery
– Kawloon

Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居)
Address: 2-3 Floor, 46-50 Des Voeux Rd W, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2156 9328

Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant (裕記燒鵝飯店)
Address: 9 Sham Hong Road, Sham Tseng, Hong Kong
Phone: 24910105

Lucky Dessert (發記甜品)
– various locations
Address: 92 – 93 Sham Tseng Tsuen, Sham Tseng
Phone: 2496 9163

Hui Lau Shan (許留山)
– various locations
Address: Star House, 3 Salisbury Rd, Kowloon City
Phone: +852 2377 9766

Parfaite Patisserie
Address: 17A Yim Po Fond St, MongKok, Kowloown
Phone: +852 2295 4338

Cafe De Coral
– various locations

Pizza 2 aka King Pizza Tuesday
Address: 12 Pai Tau Tsuen, Sha Tin
Phone: 2693 0000

Wai Lung Seafood Restaurant (威龍海鮮酒家)
Address: 鯉魚門海傍道中17號
Phone: 2340 1003

Dai Man Ki (大滿喜日本料理)
Address: 8/F, Chong Hing Square, 601 Nathan Rd
Phone: 3622 2162

A Trip to the Snowy Mountains

First Pocono’s winter vacation & first time snowboarding/skiing for some!

-The House-
Very homey & fully stocked with supplies. It also had family & life quotes everywhere which was a nice little touch.

-The Food-
As soon was we finished checking out the house, we decided the menu for each night then went to Walmart to get everything.

The first night was Chicken Parmesan with meatballs & spaghetti, homemade garlic bread
Second night = Ainhi’s Shrimp Scampi, corn, peas
Third night = Hung’s meatloaf with mash potatoes, corn, peas
Finally, Hung’s Chicken Enchilada’s & Hung’s meatloaf made by me, sauce by Steven with spinish & corn, peas & sugar cookies some with chocolate chips or cinnamon

Breakfast was the usual eggs, bacon, sausage & toasts.

-The Fun-
The first snowboarding night was at Camelback Mounatins since it was only a few minutes away. It was horrible! Not the mountain but the night. I was falling & tumbling all over the place, hit my head real hard & lost my sport camera! Picking up my legs that night & the next day was terrible.
The second time, we went to Blue Mountains. The trip was further but much more enjoyed. We went at noon as opposed to night like last time & the day’s experience was just better. 3 of us wanted to try skiing before boarding; skiing is great on the legs & all but it was not very challenging; not that I was going fast! I ended up switching to boarding instead. The boyfriend & brother said we were going to the bigger hill not realizing it’s on the very top of the mounatin. The lift ride was cool because it was fast & the view was nice but as soon as I got up there my heart was pounding. We went down Paradise which is suppose to be the easiest one but boy of boy did I already psych myself out. It took me a half hour to get around 2 curves but the boyfriend stuck by me & was very patient.
We waited 45 minutes outside for burgers that turned out we could have gotten inside. Then they went back to Paradise while I rested up & went on the bunny one more time before leaving.

-The Funny-
Taboo after dinner is hilarious because we not only use words, we have a partner acting it out behind us.

Song of the trip: A Great Big World – Say Something
Quote of the trip: “Do you want to see me spread my toes?”

The song was because Apple woke up early one morning and was making us breakfast; he likes to play music from Pandora when he does things and apparently that song has been coming on a few times. Ainhi & Hung woke up later and told him “you’re life is too good to be listening to that song that early in the morning!” So now every time the song comes on we think of this trip.

Oh! And Hung got us Elmo & Cookie Monster onesies! And she clogged the toilet.

We had a few bumps before the vacation even begun like someone not being able to go then bumps along the way like not enough snow for snowmobiles or dog sleeding & losing me camera but we had a good time cooking, lounging around, tumbling down the mountain & learning that made up for it.

Until our next adventure!!