Make It Rain Blossoms


Ainhi and I went biking again the other day. I showed her this alleyway that I pass by all the time on the way to work and we made it rain a little bit =)

Have a great weekend everyone! Get out and enjoy the nice weather!

Hole in the Wall

Flowers and Alleyways

The weather is getting nice so the biking is going to start up again! Last weekend, Ainhi and I decided to explore Northern Liberty’s – mostly looking down alleyways for interesting houses, trees or doors. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you if you asked me what streets we were on. When we got to an intersection we would ask “left or right”, look down both ways and choose the one that looked more interesting.

At one point we ran into a photographer sitting by an arrangement of beautiful flowers. She asked us to help her with her shot by biking by a few times. (Photo above is not what she intended – that’s just us being silly.)

Our last “photoshoot” location was near South Street. I made Ainhi run and jump around in her komoto that made her look like she was flying or it was really windy. We were originally heading there to get cheese fries but by the time we were done with pictures we just wanted to go home. The photo being taken in the first photo I took of Ainhi.

Another Graffiti Hunt!

Took Hung and Khang to Reading Viaduct for the first time over the weekend. A few pieces has changed or has been covered by new ones – including my favorite “Time” one!

While we were up there we ran into 3 girls there who asked us if we knew a safer way down than how they got up Haha yes! They mentioned a “must try” taco place which is what prompted us to get tacos that night.
I was very excited to sit on the giant tire swing again but sadly one of the strings broke =(

These next two below are at a new location near Northern Liberty. You can find the artist on Instagram @glossblack

And finally, I am addicted to this song and video right now. It’s perfect for this nice weather we are finally getting – fun and cheerful!

Song: Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You
Video: Justin Bieber + friends

Cannot wait to get together with the family. This will be our next vacation song!

Have a nice day everyone! Get outside and enjoy the sun!

Brunch at Fare

Christmas Village on a Sunday Afternoon

Sitting in the living room on a Sunday afternoon browsing through events happening this weekend I decided .. Hey! Let’s go to Christmas Village! It was still early in the day, I just finished helping Tina with her homework and we didn’t have anything else to do so why not?
We were on our way to Love Park when I remembered reading that today is Pay-as-you-wish at the Art Museum. Since she’s never been there that was our first stop!

Then I was hungry so we Yelped a place near by and ended up at Fare. See that big plate in front of her? I think she literally took 3 bites. We had a lot of pita and hummus before and she wasn’t hungry to begin with so she took it home. She had the Short Ribs Egg Benedict and I had the Crab Cake with Avocado one.
And our final destination was our original destination: Christmas Village!


It’s the prettiest season of the year and the colors of the changing leaves makes me happy! I wanted to go to Central Park last year this season but could not find the time so this year was a must!


We took Megabus so early the sun wasn’t out yet and got to New York around 9:30. Then took the subway to the pier for Smorgesburg which we thought opened at 10 but turned out it was 11! Hungry and kind of cold, we played on this cool little playground for kids.

Spicy Tuna Taco

plantain bowl


When the gates for Smorgasburg finally opened, we were in there and ready to eat! The first stand I stopped at, Takumi Taco, sold tacos that didn’t have much taste and was way to expensive for a single taco. $6 for 1 taco!? What was I thinking!? Hunger and the love for tacos took over common sense.

My favorite was the plantain bowls from Mofon Go NY – good portion, good taste, decent price $10. I guess you can’t really expect to come to these things and not get completely ripped off.

central parkAfter our tummies have been fed, we headed to Central Park. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to see the leaves all in orange. Most of them were still green or light green but still very pretty. I also really wanted to make giant bubbles. I imagined buckets of soap everywhere for people to play with but when we got there, it was just 1 guy with 1 bucket and he did not look very friendly.

rooftop deck of HyattWe then went to the Hyatt in Times Square to pick up Noah from work. We were a bit early so he let us check out the roof top deck real quick. It was so beautiful up there! And the sky was looking nice because the sun was just about to set.

Although there were a lot of little things that did not go as I wished, we all still had a great time and our tummies were definitely happy!

Meet Cheif!

That saying in Chinese translates literally to “crazy people have crazy people luck.” This is how our adventure today could be described.

Our group of 8 had a reservation for 9:30AM at the SkyTop Adventure Center for Treetop Zipline & Challenge Course. When I calculated the time to get there from home, I didn’t account for stopping for gas, food and restrooms so I said we’d leave at 7AM. I also didn’t account for unexpected events like over sleeping. By the time we left the house, the GPS said we’d arrive at 9:35AM so I figured we’d be okay – but after all that stopping, it now said 10AM!

When we got near the place, we ended up passing where the GPS told us to turn and ended up at SkyTop Lodge where there was a golf course and expensive cars. We went back to where the GPS told us which turned out to be SkyTop Village, a residential area! None of us but Alec had signal so he called the adventure center who told us they had no idea where we were but they are located about a mile north of the lodge. We ended up driving pass here as well! U-turn!!

So by the time we got to the check-in desk it was about 10:15AM .. they couldn’t fit 10 people in a session – 2 of the people we were with had 10AM sessions – so we decided to wait for the 4:30PM session they always have available for people like us.

6 hours to kill!? What to do? There definitely had to be something to do since we were in the Pocono’s. None of us has gone horseback riding before and all wanted to so we looked up a place – Mountain Creek Riding Stable – that happened to be just about 8 miles away – called, made a reservation and headed over!

As soon as you open the car door an extremely strong stink runs straight up your nose! The inside where you sign the waivers was even worst!! We waited about an hour then was assigned our horses.

Meet Cheif!! My horse at that time! He was the one I wanted too! He is also a lot like me: snacking along the way when he isn’t suppose to and impatient.

We all had a great time and really enjoyed our experience. Looking forward to going back or finding another place with a longer trail.

After a nice horseback ride, we were all ready to eat. We asked the girl at the desk where she would recommend close by and was told PBC: Pocono’s Brewing Company – everyone met up there and bottom line is .. I don’t recommend this place.

4:30PM finally can around and we were just in time for our treetop adventure. There were 3 other people in our group and our guide. At first we thought having a guide with us would not be fun but he was very laid back and didn’t care that we were jumping around. He even jumped around and rocked the obstacles with us!

In the end, although missing our session and having to wait 6 hours would have been a stressful situation, we made the best of it and had a better time than we would have originally!

Hatch, Blossom, Smoke

It was a beautiful Saturday where I knew I was not going to be staying indoors!

Kyo Daiko

First stop: Morris Arboretum for their Cherry Blossom Festival. I’ve never been to the Morris Arboretum before and heard that it was beautiful and fun. I really wanted to see the Kyo Daiko Japnese-style drumming school. The first time I remember seeing Japanese-style drumming live was a few years ago at a different Cherry Blossom Festival. I wanted to learn but they were not located near me so I ended up not perusing it. This school, however, is near! And there are beginner classes that should be starting soon! I talked to someone after they performed, got some information, emailed them & is waiting for a response on when I can begin learning!

River of Life

The River of Life samurai art group was also there to show us some Japanese swordsmanship techniques. It was cool but also spine chilling. The kids were really entertained. A lot of “ouuuus” & “ahhhhhs” from the kids. They were also able to take the straw that was cut during the demo as souvenirs. Great way to clean up without having to cleaning up because all of the kids rushed to pick some up before he even finished his sentence.

Explored the garden for a little bit but most of the trees were still dead from the winter. I’ll be back when everything is grown!

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

Afterwards, picked up the boyfriend to take him to Silk City Diner & Lounge were we ate outside in the blazing sun while it drains out energy. I had the Smoked Salmon Benedict discovering that I am not a huge fan of hollandaise sauce or their’s was just too thick.

Have you been to any Cherry Blossom Festivals?

Night In, Day Out


Friday night was a relaxing night in consisting of take-out, movies from when we were growing up like The Lizzie McGuire Movie & Spice Girl’s Spice World. We also wanted to do arts & crafts but didn’t want to go buy supplies so we colored instead.

Lots of high school memories were also brought back up. Some more clear than others but all definitely funny.


The weather finally felt nice enough for us to go biking yesterday. Ainhi & I wanted to bike & she wanted brunch so I Yelped a place & we ended up at Honey Sit-n-Eat an interestingly decorated corner shop with a few bike racks outside. The food was pretty good & very filling! I’ve been really into fish tacos lately and that was a great choice here! The fish came out hot & the chipotle mayo sauce was delicious!!


We wanted to digest so we walked our bikes a bit afterwards. We came across an awesome mural/drawing of Big Foot lounging on a bench and wanted to take pictures. There were 4 people there that were hovering around their phones and the first thing that popped into my head was that they were playing Ingress! So I pulled out my phone to see if I needed to defend any portals. Ainhi on the other hand went over & asked if they were playing but they were actually just taking a picture. He asked if we wanted him to take our picture for us & in return, we’d take one for them. Turns out he’s a photographer & showed us how to pose (photo above).


We found a few other places that had some nice murals/drawings & stopped to take pictures.


And since the kids haven’t gone out to play much lately, I decided to take them to FDR to play tennis. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea since all the courts were taken! So we took a few pictures on the lake & left.

Anyone else miss anything because of the weather?

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Since Chrissy Arrived

It’s Chrissy’s first winter with us so we are super excited!

First thing first, family time & Grandpa’s birthday! ❤ Simple dinner & cakes because we already went out for dinner on the weekend.

Next, cleaned/organized my closet which I have been waiting for her to come & help with.

Sky Zone!! It was so much cooler than I thought it would be. You end up losing your sense of gravity & feeling really dizzy if you attempt to bounce or run afterwards though.

“Do you wanna build a snowman?”
Have been waiting to see Frozen and since there was a theater down the block, it was perfect! The movie was cute & I liked a lot of the not too too typical aspects like the true love & who is evil. “Born or a curse?”

Christmas with the family! With a tree & everything!

Poconos trip where she learned to snowboard & skii.

Ice skating with the kids!

Mummer’s New Years parade.

Snow day the day she was suppose to leave but she changed her flight & was able to roll around in the fresh, fluffy snow, shovel & clean the car for the first time!

Sushi Kingdom …. Arg! Wanted to take Mom here to try but forgot how I said I probably wouldn’t be back but now I know & will remember not to be back. The sushi is horrible but it isn’t great either. I also got a major stomach ache from it. 😣

SokeSoke & Y-ee took us to The Cheesecake Factory was yummy but half of us were still full from lunch. I didn’t get anything so we ended up able to share. I also love the brown bread that they give for free so we asked for some when packing leftovers and the guy went and got us a freshly baked, whole roll!! I was so excited 😳

Federal Donuts that I am not a fan of but she wanted to try because it was in a magazine.

Didn’t get to take her to 5 Guys though.

Proud, Delicious & Excited

White Coat

I was a proud sister today though there was never a doubt or surprise. Today was my brother’s white coat ceremony which also means he is now an official Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (PCP) student. The reason there has never been a doubt is because he’s always been a smart kid. His first 2 years didn’t even phase him; you’d be lucky if you could catch him sitting at his desk really studying. Now, however, it’s crunch time! I’ve never seen him study as much in his entire life as I do this semester. Surprising but still not doubtful that he’d to great. The white coat ceremony and getting into the program may seem like a big deal to a lot of people but for our family, it’s not a big deal until you graduate. You could very well drop out at any time. But I was still proud cause I know I would definitely not have been able to make it that far. I cried all the time taking basic Chem in college and asked my brother for help; he knew that stuff as if it were 1+1.

After the ceremony and finally meeting his friends, I took him & Mom out to sushi. Mom likes to eat out but we normally go to Chinese or Vietnamese places; I’m never sure what kind of out place to take her to but I knew her & Steven both like sushi. The place I wanted to take them to was not open for lunch but since we were already in the area, we walked over to Crazy Sushi; turned out to be an awesome choice.

We were there about 10 minutes before opening but since they were probably ready, they let us in. I’ve already been here 2 out times so I know that the sushi is better than most places around and the service is good. The same lady from the other time seated us and ended up taking to us in Chinese. She asked if we knew Mandarin so I was able to practice my broken, mostly forgotten Mandarin from school.

We had 2 yummy appetizers (vampire bowl & rock shrimp) and 3 different kind of special rolls (Odessa, M16 & Fried Oyster); Mom also had hot tea that the lady constantly kept refilling. We liked the Odessa roll so much we ordered another one along with a Shark roll. We made really good choices this time around because everything was sooo good! I also really like this place because their dish presentation is always really pretty! I like to draw but is not able to do so from my imagination; I have to look at something to draw it. Not very creative..

Pumpkin Carving

Speaking of creative, Steven, the boyfriend & I finally got to do pumpkin carving! We stopped by Walmart to pick up 3 pumpkins for around $4; I already had a Hello Kitty carving kit at home.

The emptying out of the pumpkin was very easy and felt like I was sticking my hand into someone’s gut.. The carving part wasn’t too bad either if you have the right tools. I always thought we didn’t really need a kit. I just got one because it was cute. Turns out normal kitchen knives and spoons aren’t as great. We all used what we had and shared my kit and came out with 3 awesome pumpkins!! We’re all so proud of how they turned out!! Apple’s panda was one he found online but since we couldn’t print that one, I drew it on for him. We also didn’t want to keep real candles in there so we ended up sticking glow sticks in them; evil eyes looked awesome!

Lesson learned: Carving kit is worth it!

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