Outside Lately

Last Saturday (09/28) was another nice bike day but with Scott, James & Mary instead. We were able to bike around Kelly Drive right before they opened up the 2nd half to traffic.

Campus Philly was also the same day so after a nice bike ride we got a bunch of free stuff and ate at the food trucks. I got a giant burrito from
Dessert was at Reading Terminal’s Bassett’s Ice Cream where they ended up getting free ice cream because Scott’s high school friend works there. Yay to free stuff! ^o^

After biking home, I saw my cousins about to head out biking to a near by park to collect leaves for their science project so Scott & I joined.

Hung & Khang came to bike afterwards to a block party that was really lame so we biked to Chinatown for takoyaki and to Franklin Square where it got dark so I got sick the following day; which happened to be a day I had to do lion dance for China’s birthday.

Thursday night (10/03) was Chinatown’s Night Market which the boyfriend was super excited about because he’s been trying this grilled cheese truck for a year now! Sadly, he was pretty disappointed; as was I when trying a mac&cheese truck; a taco stand was good though.

Friday night (10/04) the boyfriend & I went to the Somo Present: The Ride Tour concert. He is a YouTube singer I discovered through the boyfriend. He does a lot of covers but puts his own twists to it. He also has a few really good songs. His voice is amazing and the way he changes the songs he covers makes me like the songs when I orginially don’t.

Kids Day

Yesterday (10/05) was too hot to go biking so I took the kids out instead; although we ended up doing all outdoor things.

Franklin Square was our first stop where the kids played minigolf and see all discovered that we do not have the minigolf gene. XP

PYT to fill those empty tummies; boyfriend was invited to this.

I wanted to take them to the Dragon Boat Festival but we couldn’t find it. Since they mentioned never playing tennis before and my tennis stuff was in the trunk, I brought them to FDR to try it out; playground afterwards.

Was a very nice day with the kids but would be so much nicer if it wasn’t so hot! It’s suppose to be Fall!! >=O

Today was another tennis day with the kids but this time Wes was invited. He took a few swings but missed every time so pretty much gave up on tennis. He did really enjoy the playground though.

Spend as much time with the kids as possible; before they all grow up and don’t enjoy the simple things in life.

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Late June – Early July Update

Foam Festival

Did my first 5K run! It was an obstacle course but was kind of a bad experience. It was super hot that day and I discovered the hard way that hot foam is really gross! It was something new though so I can go in next time with more experience.

On our way there, we drove by a restaurant called SMASHburger. The name caught Ellen’s attention so she looked it up and since the menu sounded pretty good, we stopped by after. Not a bad choice at all! The burgers were pretty darn good and not greasy at all. Wish there was one closer to home! Their SMASHfries were pretty good too!

An awesome 4th of July

Independence Day Parade – Ellen’s Birthday Party

I was in my first Lion Dance and parade! After only 2 days of practicing Lion Dance Steven & I was able to participate in the Independence Day Parade with our school. Although we only got to play the symbol, I still felt totally cool!

It was a very long wait for the parade to start and didn’t last very long but it was an awesome experience.

After the parade, we had to head home for Ellen’s birthday party and every year her party turns into a giant water fight that the boyfriend ended up finding out the hard way.

We then went to go pick up some fireworks and blew them up instead of going to watch them.

Electric Run

My second 5K wasn’t as successful and the weather wasn’t helping either. The night was so electrifying that you heard thunder and saw lighting all night! The night of the run, there was a thunderstorm alert but because it wasn’t for sure and wasn’t canceled, we went! Meeting up and when we were there was nice but after letting the first 2 waves of people go, the “fire department shut us down.”

They are rescheduling so I will post about this event again! Based on the experience I did have though, I think it would have been a lot of fun; Music could have been louder though.

Hershey Park

The family usually tries to go somewhere fun at least once a summer and Hershey was the place this year. We mostly stayed in the water section of the park until later in the day because it was so hot but it was nice; I think both the kids and the adults had fun.

[Top; left to right]
1: I am a graduate of Monster University!
2: Delicious Takoyaki!
3: This describes our friendship a bit
4: Took the kids to the Big Time Rush concert

Terakawa Ramen

When we went to California, our uncle took us to a Japanese noodle house and my mom really enjoyed it; so he looked for a place at home and we finally got a chance to go. Our aunt from California was here on vacation too so she got to try too. I am not really a big fan of Japanese noodles but I  have been really crazy about takoyaki ever since

Big Time Rush

I always said I wanted to go to a Big Time Rush concert so when I saw it on Groupon; I jumped! Got lawn seats and took the kiddos to their first concert. I think I was definitely more excited to see them than the kids were. Mothers at these kinds of things are vicious! And we didn’t think about bringing blankets >o< First timers mistakes.

But I enjoyed it and hope the kids did too; 3 of them even got to hug Logan!!!

My summer has been pretty amazing so far. How about everyone else?

Cars on My Mind {Lately}

Since the graduation party a week ago, I’ve mostly been staying home playing Cooking MaMa on the DS or watching Initial D the anime on Netflix.

A few of us also went to another advance screening of Fast & Furious 6. It isn’t as good the second time around; because a lot of the movie depended on surprise. You also do not want to watch movies at the United Artists on Columbus. The people who go here always talk a lot. I also do not think babies or kids that cannot be controlled should be allowed to non children movies.

The boyfriend is trading his G35 for his dream car and I am actually pretty excited for it too; as much as I really will miss this car; especially the sound of it. *vrooooom!

And with all this car business, we went to Dave & Busters on Thursday to get some racing out of our system.

Moms Flowers

Our garden has also been blooming very nicely

Then Friday we relaxed by doing yoga. Doing yoga in between Ellen & him is like trying to go to sleep between Hung & Ainhi; too funny to happen.

4th Street on 19th

Chow time after yoga

Getting Older {Lately}

Grandma Birthday Last week was my grandmother’s birthday! We had cake and went to dinner at Tai Lake as usual but had the karaoke room this time! The kids definitely were having a blast!

birthday 23 Last week was also my birthday and for that, my parents got me a cake and cooked a lot of food that I liked.

Birthday Flowers On Thursday, the boyfriend brought me to Green Wasabi and we went for a little walk afterwards. The next day, “[was] still [my] birthday” so we got brunch at Sabrina’s Cafe before school.

Friday, my girlfriends made me dinner and we also took this time to reunite and update each other on our lives. Also started watching Identity Thief but didn’t have time to finish.

Saturday was Free Comic Day and although I discovered this by accident, (by passing by a banner on display at Brave new Worlds) it was still a nice little discovery. I was able to choose 3 short comic books to take home free of charge! Grabbed an Archie one for the boyfriend because he recently mentioned reading that when he was young.

Afterwards, we walked to Penn Treaty Park for the Kite Festival, grabbed food from a truck, walked down South Street’s festival then walked home. It was a nice relaxing day where I need to learn how to [literally] kick his butt while we are walking better.

Ellen Broad Run

Sunday, Ellen did the Broad Street Run. The first of the family to do a run and we were extremely proud of her! She will me training my brother & I for next year’s run.

Avocado BLT with Turkey

Avocado BLT with Turkey

Today was my last day of classes as an undergrad and each semester, Hung would come to school and give lunch with me. Since she hasn’t this semester, we decided to have lunch but took it off campus. She found this cute little cafe called Miles Table that we went to try out.

What have you guys been eating lately? Has anyone ever done a run?

Life Lately

7AM biking

7AM Bike Ride

from Cafe La Maude

At Cafe La Maude; They had an interesting way of running the store. There aren’t many seats so you do have to wait. After you are seated, you go up to the counter, order and tell them what table you are sitting and they will bring it to you. The boyfriend & I didn’t know that so we were sitting there waiting for someone to ask us what we wanted. Haha but regardless, their sandwiches were really good!

Souvenirs from PR and DR

Boyfriend went on a cruise to Puerto Rico & the Dominican Republic and these are some of the cute souvenirs he got for me!

Bright days flowers

We missed our “monthaversary” while he was on the cruise so he made it up with flowers. It was also a very nice day out so he told the lady at the flower shop, “It’s nice out. Make it bright.” =) I love yellow flowers!

Stroll behind Museum

Taking a stroll on a nice but very windy day.

Famous 4th Street me

HUGE $20 sandwich from Famous 4th Street Delicatessen; Of course I could only finish half!

Lately, I have been really happy! The boyfriend & I have been trying to find healthier places to eat and I have been going to Yoga, full body toning and Zumba classes at school. I have also been watching Psych, New Girl and Sons of Anarchy! And with that, my school work is a bit behind but I’m working on catching up. The weather has also been getting nicer and the sun comes out much earlier so it is about time to start up our Saturday morning bike rides. I cannot wait! It’s nice to wake up early. You have more time to do things and your body just feels rejuvenated.

I am also taking an American Sign Language class and one of our coming assignments is to sign a song. I have been watching a lot of videos and this is one of my favorites that I would like to share. The song has a great meaning and the guy signing, Andy Grammer, looks like he is really having fun and enjoying it.

Last night was Psych’s 100th episode where the viewers were able to vote for the ending, did anyone else watch? And what have you been up to lately?

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Have a wonderful day!