Ocean City in the Winter

Going to the beach in the winter has always been on my bucket list – not necessarily going into the water though. Our original plan for this extended weekend trip was to go hiking in New York but after the single digit forecast for the weather we decided to go south instead.

The trip was a very relaxing one! Because of the very cold weather we mostly stayed at the hotel only going out to eat. It also helped that our hotel was really nice! Small in general, as in not many rooms, but the rooms itself were very spacious and decorated very comfortably. My favorite comfort hotel so far!

The Lighthouse Lounge

During our 3 night stay, we were able to check out 4 different rooms! The story behind that is .. all the Lightkeeper Suites (bigger rooms) were taken so we got a Lighthouse Suite (smaller room) for the first night. The Lighthouse Suit may be smaller but it is still very spacious. The bathroom had a big enough tub for you to take a bubble bath in and all the soap and shampoos smelled like oranges. The only negative was the view of the parking lot.

Our second night we moved into the Lightkeeper Suite – fireplace, double jacuzzi, sectional sofa and even more space! However, our fireplace wasn’t working and they couldn’t fix it so they give us a free upgrade to The Edge #3 Bliss! This place was AMAZING! I am not too great with words so let me direct you to what their website says:

A split-level one or two-bedroom suite overlooking the outdoor dipping pool at The Edge and the Isle of Wight Bay. The Tibetan influence in the accessories and photography is memorable. A Queen sleigh bed is positioned in the suite with a King bed in the second bedroom. A walk-in shower and stone bathroom compliments the eastern influence. Wet bar with refrigerator and coffeemaker, Starbuck’s Coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Cali natural amenities. Frette bedding and terry toweling. Spa Robes. Complimentary Continental Breakfast in Suite. Evening Turndown Service.

What I can say though is that their description is very accurate! I remember looking around thinking “this is a monk themed room” – the photos on the walls were of monks, there were paintings of Chinese writing and a Buddha head statue. The outdoor “dipping pool” was frozen, otherwise, it might be a little awkward when people are in there because you will see right into the giant window of our room. They forgot to mention their heart-shaped double jacuzzi which was very comfy and the fake fireplace. “Evening Turndown” service is when they come to your room with orange juice, fruits and chocolate and will light the candles in the room. I really loved the stone walk-in shower. Huge room and 2 shower heads. And 2 beds!? A king bed!? We slept sideways just because we could!

If it wasn’t for the heavy wind and expecting snow we would have been able to stay another night in that room. But instead, they asked us to move back to The Lightkeeper Suites – although the same layout as our first one, the fireplace worked!

They also have a lounge area (photo above) with boardgames, a fireplace, complimentary tea and coffee and freshly baked cookies in the afternoon. You also get a view of the bay, for us the frozen bay, and you can step outside onto the patio.

And before I forget, the GPS tells you to turn down 60th street to get to the hotel but that actually takes you to their restaurant. You need to turn down 56th street between OC Brewing Company and the plaza with Dunkin Donuts.

And now .. let’s eat!
Gator Bites The first place we ate at was actually not in Maryland but Milton, Delaware on our way down. The place is called Po’ Boys Creole and Fresh Catch and if you are not paying attention you might just drive pass it.

The place felt like a local mom and pop restaurant and the service went right along with it!

There is a special’s menu next to their kitchen, on the way to the bathroom so remember to take a look. That is where we discovered the Gator Bites – photo above. They were so good and I could eat them as a snack all day! Perfectly crispy on the outside and not oily – which is very important to me.

We were originally seated at a 2 persons table but after all we ordered, they moved us to a 4 persons tables.

Layton’s Ninety-Second St Restaurant

For breakfast the next morning we went to Layton’s Ninety-Second St Restaurant. My french toasts were too sweet and the walnuts tasted a bit burnt. Apple got the Hungryman’s Griddle – “scrambled eggs smothered with hash browns, green peppers, onions and sausage, then covered with cheddar cheese and delicious country-style sausage gravy. Served with toast.” Doesn’t that just sound soo good!? Because it was!

The Little House of Pancakes

We also had breakfast at The Little House of Pancakes. The food here is like how to make everything at home and it was good! I also discovered I really like sourdough bread! Ribs for breakfast? Why not!

And one final picture from when we ran onto the beach on the windiest day! Funny story .. I was trying to get out of the car but the wind was blowing against my door. I got half my body out when the wind pushed the door even harder squishing me!


Showing the Boyfriend Reading Viaduct

It must really seem like I’m really into graffiti but it is just something I am really enjoying right now. Some of this stuff is so incredible and the time and effort the artist must put into these work amazes me.

Graffiti Pier

Graffiti Pier

Oh graffiti. What a controversial topic. I have mix feelings about it. I am not for the ones that are just name scribbles on people’s property that is being used like stores, cars, houses. But I do really enjoy seeing the creative, artistic graffiti on abandoned places that are not even being maintained.

I recently learned that there is an abandoned pier right near me filled with graffiti. After a bit of social media research, the boyfriend and I were off to check it out.
It was pretty exciting to see but I thought there were going to be more big pieces. We will probably come back every once in a while to see if there are any new pieces up!

Links to Places Mentioned:

Sunset on the Pickup

What would you do if you had a pickup truck for a week? Watch the sunset at the beach of course!

The boyfriend had to take his car in and asked for a pickup truck as the loaner and they gave it to him! So he took me to watch the sunset sitting in the back of the truck like I’ve always wanted to do. 

Getting Older {Lately}

Grandma Birthday Last week was my grandmother’s birthday! We had cake and went to dinner at Tai Lake as usual but had the karaoke room this time! The kids definitely were having a blast!

birthday 23 Last week was also my birthday and for that, my parents got me a cake and cooked a lot of food that I liked.

Birthday Flowers On Thursday, the boyfriend brought me to Green Wasabi and we went for a little walk afterwards. The next day, “[was] still [my] birthday” so we got brunch at Sabrina’s Cafe before school.

Friday, my girlfriends made me dinner and we also took this time to reunite and update each other on our lives. Also started watching Identity Thief but didn’t have time to finish.

Saturday was Free Comic Day and although I discovered this by accident, (by passing by a banner on display at Brave new Worlds) it was still a nice little discovery. I was able to choose 3 short comic books to take home free of charge! Grabbed an Archie one for the boyfriend because he recently mentioned reading that when he was young.

Afterwards, we walked to Penn Treaty Park for the Kite Festival, grabbed food from a truck, walked down South Street’s festival then walked home. It was a nice relaxing day where I need to learn how to [literally] kick his butt while we are walking better.

Ellen Broad Run

Sunday, Ellen did the Broad Street Run. The first of the family to do a run and we were extremely proud of her! She will me training my brother & I for next year’s run.

Avocado BLT with Turkey

Avocado BLT with Turkey

Today was my last day of classes as an undergrad and each semester, Hung would come to school and give lunch with me. Since she hasn’t this semester, we decided to have lunch but took it off campus. She found this cute little cafe called Miles Table that we went to try out.

What have you guys been eating lately? Has anyone ever done a run?

Life Lately

7AM biking

7AM Bike Ride

from Cafe La Maude

At Cafe La Maude; They had an interesting way of running the store. There aren’t many seats so you do have to wait. After you are seated, you go up to the counter, order and tell them what table you are sitting and they will bring it to you. The boyfriend & I didn’t know that so we were sitting there waiting for someone to ask us what we wanted. Haha but regardless, their sandwiches were really good!

Souvenirs from PR and DR

Boyfriend went on a cruise to Puerto Rico & the Dominican Republic and these are some of the cute souvenirs he got for me!

Bright days flowers

We missed our “monthaversary” while he was on the cruise so he made it up with flowers. It was also a very nice day out so he told the lady at the flower shop, “It’s nice out. Make it bright.” =) I love yellow flowers!

Stroll behind Museum

Taking a stroll on a nice but very windy day.

Famous 4th Street me

HUGE $20 sandwich from Famous 4th Street Delicatessen; Of course I could only finish half!

Lately, I have been really happy! The boyfriend & I have been trying to find healthier places to eat and I have been going to Yoga, full body toning and Zumba classes at school. I have also been watching Psych, New Girl and Sons of Anarchy! And with that, my school work is a bit behind but I’m working on catching up. The weather has also been getting nicer and the sun comes out much earlier so it is about time to start up our Saturday morning bike rides. I cannot wait! It’s nice to wake up early. You have more time to do things and your body just feels rejuvenated.

I am also taking an American Sign Language class and one of our coming assignments is to sign a song. I have been watching a lot of videos and this is one of my favorites that I would like to share. The song has a great meaning and the guy signing, Andy Grammer, looks like he is really having fun and enjoying it.

Last night was Psych’s 100th episode where the viewers were able to vote for the ending, did anyone else watch? And what have you been up to lately?

 Links to places mentioned:

Have a wonderful day!

Where we are today…

This crazy guy came to school looking for me while I was running around the student center trying to help my friend’s organization sell bake goods. When I was finished, I went back to the table and my friend Jervis was acting crazy like “Hurry up! Come here! Casy is looking for you. She said it was urgent.” My boyfriend couldn’t reach me by phone so he called one of my closest friends he knew at school and so she tried helping look for me.

By the time I called them back, they have already started following my footsteps into the game room and where they thought I might still be selling sweets. Casy then came back to the table and said “he got mad and stormed off.” Knowing his temper, I would not be surprised if he did. Whenever we are suppose to be meeting up and I miss his calls, he gets so frustrated. What surprised me was right after she said that he turns the corner with flowers  not grumpy at all.

The rest of the day I just felt really giddy and smiley. People were complimenting the flowers and asking who they were from. One lady even asked if it was my birthday. When he said “no”, she replied “so you’re just a nice guy huh?” =P

He even came back after my night class to pick me up with a little snack made by his friend. Man am I in love with this dude. I would say we’ve been through a LOT these past 8 years. There were definitely really bad times when I believed it is best not to be with him but then there are days like today when I’m glad we stuck it out. And days like this that I’m glad HE was the one who was strong enough to deal with issues I would have rather walked away from. ❤