Showing the Boyfriend Reading Viaduct

It must really seem like I’m really into graffiti but it is just something I am really enjoying right now. Some of this stuff is so incredible and the time and effort the artist must put into these work amazes me.

Time at Reading Viaduct

Reading Viaduct

Another graffiti exploration! With some help from Google and social media we were quickly able to find the location and the safest entrance with parking and gates nicely cut and folded for you. We mean no harm! I just want to take pictures and see some of these amazing art work!
The first building that we came upon had machines I am unclear what they were for but inside the building had some nice graffiti.

As my brother processed to look into a room on one side, he noticed boots, a jacket hung up and curtains .. O.O we left the building after that. We weren’t sure how long this path lead and there were many times we said “should we stop here for the day?” but we continued – and I’m glad we did! We found the cool building that I see in many Instagram pictures. There is also a “ladder” you can climb up to see what other pieces are up there. And at the end of the path there was the giant tire swing I was looking for! I didn’t know it was giant but I was very excited that it was. Someone took the effort of lugging this giant tractor trailer tire up here, getting nice rope and climbed to the top to tie it up. Whoever you are, thank you! We also came across 3 normal swings along the way that people needed to get the materials, climb to the top and tie it up – thank you too!

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It’s the prettiest season of the year and the colors of the changing leaves makes me happy! I wanted to go to Central Park last year this season but could not find the time so this year was a must!


We took Megabus so early the sun wasn’t out yet and got to New York around 9:30. Then took the subway to the pier for Smorgesburg which we thought opened at 10 but turned out it was 11! Hungry and kind of cold, we played on this cool little playground for kids.

Spicy Tuna Taco

plantain bowl


When the gates for Smorgasburg finally opened, we were in there and ready to eat! The first stand I stopped at, Takumi Taco, sold tacos that didn’t have much taste and was way to expensive for a single taco. $6 for 1 taco!? What was I thinking!? Hunger and the love for tacos took over common sense.

My favorite was the plantain bowls from Mofon Go NY – good portion, good taste, decent price $10. I guess you can’t really expect to come to these things and not get completely ripped off.

central parkAfter our tummies have been fed, we headed to Central Park. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to see the leaves all in orange. Most of them were still green or light green but still very pretty. I also really wanted to make giant bubbles. I imagined buckets of soap everywhere for people to play with but when we got there, it was just 1 guy with 1 bucket and he did not look very friendly.

rooftop deck of HyattWe then went to the Hyatt in Times Square to pick up Noah from work. We were a bit early so he let us check out the roof top deck real quick. It was so beautiful up there! And the sky was looking nice because the sun was just about to set.

Although there were a lot of little things that did not go as I wished, we all still had a great time and our tummies were definitely happy!

Whitewater Rafting

I haven’t gone whitewater rafting since the first time in 2011. That was the first time and it was raining! But why does it matter? You’re going to get wet anyways!

This time, we didn’t have a LivingSocial so we drove up to Jim Thorpe ourselves which also meant lunch was not provided. There was a Subway on the way their 5 minutes away that looked like the only food place in the town besides the bar a block down – They must get a lot of business. We stopped by to grab a few subs for our lunch. 3 hours of paddling will make you hungry! When we were pulling out of the parking lot, a car pulled in and later we had a water battle with them.

I mentioned 3 hours but that is just before lunch. After lunch was about another 2 hours. I’m glad they gave us more time before lunch because after lunch everyone just wanted to sleep.

They provide buckets for our food and another bucket to empty our rafts if they get flooded – also good for throwing water at other rafts.

I forgot how much fun whitewater rafting could be. You do have to be around a few fun boats or you won’t have anyone to battle with.

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Meet Cheif!

That saying in Chinese translates literally to “crazy people have crazy people luck.” This is how our adventure today could be described.

Our group of 8 had a reservation for 9:30AM at the SkyTop Adventure Center for Treetop Zipline & Challenge Course. When I calculated the time to get there from home, I didn’t account for stopping for gas, food and restrooms so I said we’d leave at 7AM. I also didn’t account for unexpected events like over sleeping. By the time we left the house, the GPS said we’d arrive at 9:35AM so I figured we’d be okay – but after all that stopping, it now said 10AM!

When we got near the place, we ended up passing where the GPS told us to turn and ended up at SkyTop Lodge where there was a golf course and expensive cars. We went back to where the GPS told us which turned out to be SkyTop Village, a residential area! None of us but Alec had signal so he called the adventure center who told us they had no idea where we were but they are located about a mile north of the lodge. We ended up driving pass here as well! U-turn!!

So by the time we got to the check-in desk it was about 10:15AM .. they couldn’t fit 10 people in a session – 2 of the people we were with had 10AM sessions – so we decided to wait for the 4:30PM session they always have available for people like us.

6 hours to kill!? What to do? There definitely had to be something to do since we were in the Pocono’s. None of us has gone horseback riding before and all wanted to so we looked up a place – Mountain Creek Riding Stable – that happened to be just about 8 miles away – called, made a reservation and headed over!

As soon as you open the car door an extremely strong stink runs straight up your nose! The inside where you sign the waivers was even worst!! We waited about an hour then was assigned our horses.

Meet Cheif!! My horse at that time! He was the one I wanted too! He is also a lot like me: snacking along the way when he isn’t suppose to and impatient.

We all had a great time and really enjoyed our experience. Looking forward to going back or finding another place with a longer trail.

After a nice horseback ride, we were all ready to eat. We asked the girl at the desk where she would recommend close by and was told PBC: Pocono’s Brewing Company – everyone met up there and bottom line is .. I don’t recommend this place.

4:30PM finally can around and we were just in time for our treetop adventure. There were 3 other people in our group and our guide. At first we thought having a guide with us would not be fun but he was very laid back and didn’t care that we were jumping around. He even jumped around and rocked the obstacles with us!

In the end, although missing our session and having to wait 6 hours would have been a stressful situation, we made the best of it and had a better time than we would have originally!

Hong Kong in My Tummy

– The Food –

Let’s start off with the necessity: FOOD! It definitely helps to know someone who is local or else we’d be wandering through all the tourist traps.

Cold Milk Tea

Genki Sushi

My first conveyer belt sushi experience!

Genki Sushi

Different color and style of plates are different prices.

Kaiser Bakery

Breakfast almost every morning.

lemon coke

Lemon Coke! So simple but I’ve never had and love it now! I don’t normally drink a lot of soda but this made me drink Coke a lot.

curry fish balls

One of my favorite things about Hong Kong! Curry Fish Balls at almost every block.

Lin Heung Kui, 蓮香居, tea

Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) a more traditional tea setting where everyone gets their own cup of tea.

Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant, 裕記燒鵝飯店, honey lemon shrimp

Honey lemon shrimp at Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant (裕記燒鵝飯店) was delicious! This store is located in the back of a parking lot down a small street. Somewhere you may not have discovered if no one has been there before.

Lucky Dessert, 發記甜品, durian

Lucky Dessert (發記甜品) is a cute “old school” dessert place with plastic seats outside that you see in Hong Kong movies. There is a variety of desserts you can choose from like durian, mango or shaved ice. It was the first time for some of the Si Hing’s to try durian!

korean grilled squid

This was from a stand in Ocean Park. When you order it, the person runs it through the grill one more time to make it hot. I preferred it normal temperature though.

Hui Lau Shan, 許留山

Hui Lau Shan (許留山) 3 layer drinks were delicious! They have a layer of coconut jelly that they do not have back home!

Parfaite Patisserie, macarons, xoxo, badtz maru

I stumbled upon Parfaite Patisserie by accident checking prices of currency exchange places to look for the best rate. I noticed these Badtz Maru, which they call XOXO, maracons by the window so I went inside. The lady was very sweet and we ended up having a conversation about traveling.

cafe de coral

“A typical Hong Kong breakfast.” At home, this is also a “typical breakfast” for me but I did not like how it was made here. I make the same thing at home more to my liking..

Pizza 2, King Pizza Tuesday, pizza

Ainhi recommended we try Pizza 2 aka King Pizza Tuesday right by the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple. I was not a fan of their pizza but their mash potatoes I liked.

snake soup

Can you believe I tried SNAKE soup!? Normally at home I wouldn’t try anything “weird” but being in Hong Kong, I had the mentality of ‘I’m on vacation, let me try everything.’ It just tasted like fish.


I cannot recall this restaurant’s name and they didn’t have a business card but it was in a cafeteria setting. There are many stands around and tables in the middle. At this particular stand, you get to pick the type of noodle you wants, how you wanted it cooked and what goes on top.

I didn’t think I would be eating chicken and french fries in Hong Kong but after lion dance practice, this place was right around the corner in a hole of a building. You are find the best things in hidden places!

鯉魚門, Wai Lung Seafood Restaurant, 威龍海鮮酒家, fish market

In 鯉魚門, there are fish markets associated with a restaurant usually across from them. You picked out the type of fish you want from the market then let the restaurant know how you want it cooked so everything is guaranteed fresh! The restaurant we went to was Wai Lung Seafood Restaurant (威龍海鮮酒家); it was amazing!!
Warning: There are people outside of every restaurant trying to get you to pick their restaurant! Also, it is best to go with someone who knows the places since there is no set menu or price here, they can tell you whatever price they want.

Dai Man Ki, 大滿喜日本料理

If you are going to Dai Man Ki (大滿喜日本料理) for sushi, make sure you make a reservation!

The food in Hong Kong is definitely a bit different than back home. I didn’t get the oily feeling in my throat, chest and stomach that I get from almost anything I eat. However, there are things I prefer back home. For example, the takoyaki aka the octopus balls. They fill their takoyaki with lettuce! Lots of it!

Restaurant Information:

安利 大排檔
Address: Hong Kong, 筲箕灣東大街57號
Phone:+852 2567 7122

Genki Sushi (元気寿司)
– various locations

Kaiser Bakery
– Kawloon

Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居)
Address: 2-3 Floor, 46-50 Des Voeux Rd W, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2156 9328

Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant (裕記燒鵝飯店)
Address: 9 Sham Hong Road, Sham Tseng, Hong Kong
Phone: 24910105

Lucky Dessert (發記甜品)
– various locations
Address: 92 – 93 Sham Tseng Tsuen, Sham Tseng
Phone: 2496 9163

Hui Lau Shan (許留山)
– various locations
Address: Star House, 3 Salisbury Rd, Kowloon City
Phone: +852 2377 9766

Parfaite Patisserie
Address: 17A Yim Po Fond St, MongKok, Kowloown
Phone: +852 2295 4338

Cafe De Coral
– various locations

Pizza 2 aka King Pizza Tuesday
Address: 12 Pai Tau Tsuen, Sha Tin
Phone: 2693 0000

Wai Lung Seafood Restaurant (威龍海鮮酒家)
Address: 鯉魚門海傍道中17號
Phone: 2340 1003

Dai Man Ki (大滿喜日本料理)
Address: 8/F, Chong Hing Square, 601 Nathan Rd
Phone: 3622 2162

Night In, Day Out


Friday night was a relaxing night in consisting of take-out, movies from when we were growing up like The Lizzie McGuire Movie & Spice Girl’s Spice World. We also wanted to do arts & crafts but didn’t want to go buy supplies so we colored instead.

Lots of high school memories were also brought back up. Some more clear than others but all definitely funny.


The weather finally felt nice enough for us to go biking yesterday. Ainhi & I wanted to bike & she wanted brunch so I Yelped a place & we ended up at Honey Sit-n-Eat an interestingly decorated corner shop with a few bike racks outside. The food was pretty good & very filling! I’ve been really into fish tacos lately and that was a great choice here! The fish came out hot & the chipotle mayo sauce was delicious!!


We wanted to digest so we walked our bikes a bit afterwards. We came across an awesome mural/drawing of Big Foot lounging on a bench and wanted to take pictures. There were 4 people there that were hovering around their phones and the first thing that popped into my head was that they were playing Ingress! So I pulled out my phone to see if I needed to defend any portals. Ainhi on the other hand went over & asked if they were playing but they were actually just taking a picture. He asked if we wanted him to take our picture for us & in return, we’d take one for them. Turns out he’s a photographer & showed us how to pose (photo above).


We found a few other places that had some nice murals/drawings & stopped to take pictures.


And since the kids haven’t gone out to play much lately, I decided to take them to FDR to play tennis. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea since all the courts were taken! So we took a few pictures on the lake & left.

Anyone else miss anything because of the weather?

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A Trip to the Snowy Mountains

First Pocono’s winter vacation & first time snowboarding/skiing for some!

-The House-
Very homey & fully stocked with supplies. It also had family & life quotes everywhere which was a nice little touch.

-The Food-
As soon was we finished checking out the house, we decided the menu for each night then went to Walmart to get everything.

The first night was Chicken Parmesan with meatballs & spaghetti, homemade garlic bread
Second night = Ainhi’s Shrimp Scampi, corn, peas
Third night = Hung’s meatloaf with mash potatoes, corn, peas
Finally, Hung’s Chicken Enchilada’s & Hung’s meatloaf made by me, sauce by Steven with spinish & corn, peas & sugar cookies some with chocolate chips or cinnamon

Breakfast was the usual eggs, bacon, sausage & toasts.

-The Fun-
The first snowboarding night was at Camelback Mounatins since it was only a few minutes away. It was horrible! Not the mountain but the night. I was falling & tumbling all over the place, hit my head real hard & lost my sport camera! Picking up my legs that night & the next day was terrible.
The second time, we went to Blue Mountains. The trip was further but much more enjoyed. We went at noon as opposed to night like last time & the day’s experience was just better. 3 of us wanted to try skiing before boarding; skiing is great on the legs & all but it was not very challenging; not that I was going fast! I ended up switching to boarding instead. The boyfriend & brother said we were going to the bigger hill not realizing it’s on the very top of the mounatin. The lift ride was cool because it was fast & the view was nice but as soon as I got up there my heart was pounding. We went down Paradise which is suppose to be the easiest one but boy of boy did I already psych myself out. It took me a half hour to get around 2 curves but the boyfriend stuck by me & was very patient.
We waited 45 minutes outside for burgers that turned out we could have gotten inside. Then they went back to Paradise while I rested up & went on the bunny one more time before leaving.

-The Funny-
Taboo after dinner is hilarious because we not only use words, we have a partner acting it out behind us.

Song of the trip: A Great Big World – Say Something
Quote of the trip: “Do you want to see me spread my toes?”

The song was because Apple woke up early one morning and was making us breakfast; he likes to play music from Pandora when he does things and apparently that song has been coming on a few times. Ainhi & Hung woke up later and told him “you’re life is too good to be listening to that song that early in the morning!” So now every time the song comes on we think of this trip.

Oh! And Hung got us Elmo & Cookie Monster onesies! And she clogged the toilet.

We had a few bumps before the vacation even begun like someone not being able to go then bumps along the way like not enough snow for snowmobiles or dog sleeding & losing me camera but we had a good time cooking, lounging around, tumbling down the mountain & learning that made up for it.

Until our next adventure!!

Orange Pumpkins, Oranges Shoes!

Pumpkin Land, Pumpkin Land! Whoohoo to pumpkin land!

Ainhi texted me and asked if I wanted to go “random pumpkin picking” so we went to Linvilla Orchard for the first time to check out Pumpkin Land which was super exciting since it’s the first year I’m really doing anything with pumpkins. Plus, it’s a “pick your own” orchard and Hung was already there picking apples. Ainhi didn’t want to pick apples so she took the kids on a hayride while Apple & I went apple picking with Hung & Khang; very exciting only because neither of us has gone apple picking before.

All the apples looked dusty and yucky at first but as you went further back, they looked better and were more available. And as soon as you polish it, it becomes shiny like at the stores. The first red one we tried was definitely the sweetest; except the one we picked for Ainhi, that one turned out sour.

The apple cider donuts there were extra yummy! Every time the wind blew you could smell their deliciousness!! I should have bought more for home!

None of us ended up buying a big pumpkin but I did get a small one along with 3 other autmun decorating veggie/fruit(?)

Has anyone gone fruit picking? We use to go strawberry picking when I was little but we don’t do that anymore.

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Late June – Early July Update

Foam Festival

Did my first 5K run! It was an obstacle course but was kind of a bad experience. It was super hot that day and I discovered the hard way that hot foam is really gross! It was something new though so I can go in next time with more experience.

On our way there, we drove by a restaurant called SMASHburger. The name caught Ellen’s attention so she looked it up and since the menu sounded pretty good, we stopped by after. Not a bad choice at all! The burgers were pretty darn good and not greasy at all. Wish there was one closer to home! Their SMASHfries were pretty good too!

An awesome 4th of July

Independence Day Parade – Ellen’s Birthday Party

I was in my first Lion Dance and parade! After only 2 days of practicing Lion Dance Steven & I was able to participate in the Independence Day Parade with our school. Although we only got to play the symbol, I still felt totally cool!

It was a very long wait for the parade to start and didn’t last very long but it was an awesome experience.

After the parade, we had to head home for Ellen’s birthday party and every year her party turns into a giant water fight that the boyfriend ended up finding out the hard way.

We then went to go pick up some fireworks and blew them up instead of going to watch them.

Electric Run

My second 5K wasn’t as successful and the weather wasn’t helping either. The night was so electrifying that you heard thunder and saw lighting all night! The night of the run, there was a thunderstorm alert but because it wasn’t for sure and wasn’t canceled, we went! Meeting up and when we were there was nice but after letting the first 2 waves of people go, the “fire department shut us down.”

They are rescheduling so I will post about this event again! Based on the experience I did have though, I think it would have been a lot of fun; Music could have been louder though.

Hershey Park

The family usually tries to go somewhere fun at least once a summer and Hershey was the place this year. We mostly stayed in the water section of the park until later in the day because it was so hot but it was nice; I think both the kids and the adults had fun.

[Top; left to right]
1: I am a graduate of Monster University!
2: Delicious Takoyaki!
3: This describes our friendship a bit
4: Took the kids to the Big Time Rush concert

Terakawa Ramen

When we went to California, our uncle took us to a Japanese noodle house and my mom really enjoyed it; so he looked for a place at home and we finally got a chance to go. Our aunt from California was here on vacation too so she got to try too. I am not really a big fan of Japanese noodles but I  have been really crazy about takoyaki ever since

Big Time Rush

I always said I wanted to go to a Big Time Rush concert so when I saw it on Groupon; I jumped! Got lawn seats and took the kiddos to their first concert. I think I was definitely more excited to see them than the kids were. Mothers at these kinds of things are vicious! And we didn’t think about bringing blankets >o< First timers mistakes.

But I enjoyed it and hope the kids did too; 3 of them even got to hug Logan!!!

My summer has been pretty amazing so far. How about everyone else?