giant gundam

Giant Gundam

One of the things on the tour list that I was most excited about was the Giant Gundam. I didn’t watch it as a kid but I knew what it was. I think most people would compare it to Transformers but Gundam has actually been around longer.

When visiting the Giant Gundam, we noticed lots of kids in uniforms there as well as in the Diver City shopping mall. We asked our tour guide about this – since none of my schools would have taken me to the mall for a field trip – and was informed that those groups were probably from schools in the country sides so the shopping mall and random giant statues were not a common sight for them.

While doing some research, it seems like the Gundam has different performances throughout the day depending if it is day or night. I guess we were not there at a performance time.

Giant GundamDiver City Giant Gundam!Backside
Goats! Just randomly on a hill!

Let me leave you with something a little random. Goats on a hill in the middle of the city!

Did you watch Gundam as a kid?

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