Japanese fish lunch

Akihabara + Grilled Fish + Shabu Shabu


Akihabara, the electronic district for things like camera to rice cookers. There are so many shops to choose from and all of them pretty much sells the same things. I would say the prices in the shops we visited were actually pretty expensive.

This is also the first place we saw the girls dressed as maids advertising the maid cafes. I thought they would be very open to taking pictures but they actually have signs with them that says no photographs and would turn away from camera. I guess that is so you will go into the cafe is pay for photos with them. We did go into one maid cafe, not in Akihabara though, where we learned quickly that their voices hurt to listen to pretty quickly. I wanted just a single ice cream sundae but it only came in as a whole set with 5 other things – who can eat that much dessert? Not me! You can also pay to take a polaroid with them and have them draw on it.

Japanese Fish LunchSetting for 11

For lunch, our tour guide took us to have a “traditional Japanese lunch” with grilled fish and many side dishes including tofu, soup, radishes, chicken, salad and natto ( in the white box under the radish) …. Natto is fermented soybeans and according is Wikipedia is an “acquired” taste – one that our family could not acquire..

Just know .. it's all you can eat.

For dinner, we were on our own and wanted to try out a shabu-shabu (a style of hot pot) place nearby. We couldn’t speak any Japanese and they couldn’t speak any English so we resorted to pointing and hand gestures. What we didn’t know and wasn’t able to point out was that we were at an all-you-can-eat place. camerapixel We ordered the one on the bottom left. What we gathered from looking at the receipt is: the price on the top is the price per person if you order the dish one time. If you order it again, the price is the next one down per person. We figured this out because we needed two tables and one table ordered two times.

The salad bar, drinks and ice cream is self- serve and also all-you-can-eat. Also for the meats, one table can only order one kind.

Expensive lessoned learned! We would have ate much more if we knew how the system worked!

Do you have any funny stories to share for a time when you could not speak the language?

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