Welcome to Japan!

Our first time in Japan! We booked a tour with J&L Travel Agency because none of us can speak any amount of Japanese to survive and the parents wanted to try out a tour first. The lady that helped us there was very thorough when explaining what all the charges were for and what we needed to do. However, she didn’t tell us that the places are subject to change; maybe even she didn’t know.

We booked the 7 Days Japan [Kanto, Kansai] Special Tour (JTK7) from Grand Holiday. Having been to the places and looking back now, we were cheated in their extra “admission” cost. On their website, it starts that there is an extra $250USD for admission fees to: Ginza + Asakusa KannonTemple + Oshino Hakkai + Mount Fuji + Kiyomizu. But it looks like only Oshino Hakkai has an admission fee and we didn’t even go to Kiyomizu. Our tour guide also liked to change up our lunch options without telling us. He would tell us what lunch was suppose to be for the day then tell us that he thought the local food around the area is better and give us back our money for that. I didn’t mind this too much since I like wandering around looking for food.

This photo right here is a bit misleading .. that is because after our 16 hour flight, we stopped in Hong Kong for 4 hours and met up with family from California before our 4 hour flight to Narita, Japan.

Airport NoodlesWelcome!Beware

Funny story about the airport .. I read about stamp collecting in Japan and was very excited to do this! My brother and I brought our old expired passports as our stamp books. We new the airport had to have a stamp so we were trying to communicate with the employees there – should have learned the word for stamp in Japanese. It turns out there are observations desks and one was suppose to have stamps. Steven and I went running through the airport and up 4 floors like crazy people trying to find it but when we got to the North Observation Deck… we couldn’t find the stamp!!! 😭😭😭 The rest of the family was waiting for the tour guide and we thought you would be late so we ran back to the group but it turned out the guide still wasn’t there yet .. but we didn’t know when he would show up so we didn’t go looking for the South Observation Deck.

First stopTakoyaki

For the first night, dinner was on our own. Our tour guide, Tiger, told us the hotel we were staying at, Narita Excell Tokyu, offers a free shuttle to Aeon Mall near by so that’s where we went.

First things first .. Takoyaki (aka octopus balls)! We tried the ones at Gindaco which was a bit disappointing ..

Sushi on a belt!

What is a trip to Japan if you don’t eat sushi!? And what better way to get sushi than on a conveyor belt! You could also pick from the menu and ask the chefs in the middle to make you something.

Japanese Snacks
Not SourChip or Dale

We spent the rest of the night shopping for little things like snacks and school supplies .. =P That little guy up there, Chip or Dale, was only $6USD! But I couldn’t get him .. It was only the first day of the trip so it would have been a hassle bringing him everywhere.

The first day was not very exciting but stay tuned for the more fun details of the rest of the trip!


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