Hole in the Wall

Flowers and Alleyways

The weather is getting nice so the biking is going to start up again! Last weekend, Ainhi and I decided to explore Northern Liberty’s – mostly looking down alleyways for interesting houses, trees or doors. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you if you asked me what streets we were on. When we got to an intersection we would ask “left or right”, look down both ways and choose the one that looked more interesting.

At one point we ran into a photographer sitting by an arrangement of beautiful flowers. She asked us to help her with her shot by biking by a few times. (Photo above is not what she intended – that’s just us being silly.)

Our last “photoshoot” location was near South Street. I made Ainhi run and jump around in her komoto that made her look like she was flying or it was really windy. We were originally heading there to get cheese fries but by the time we were done with pictures we just wanted to go home. The photo being taken in the first photo I took of Ainhi.


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