Another Graffiti Hunt!

Took Hung and Khang to Reading Viaduct for the first time over the weekend. A few pieces has changed or has been covered by new ones – including my favorite “Time” one!

While we were up there we ran into 3 girls there who asked us if we knew a safer way down than how they got up Haha yes! They mentioned a “must try” taco place which is what prompted us to get tacos that night.
I was very excited to sit on the giant tire swing again but sadly one of the strings broke =(

These next two below are at a new location near Northern Liberty. You can find the artist on Instagram @glossblack

And finally, I am addicted to this song and video right now. It’s perfect for this nice weather we are finally getting – fun and cheerful!

Song: Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You
Video: Justin Bieber + friends

Cannot wait to get together with the family. This will be our next vacation song!

Have a nice day everyone! Get outside and enjoy the sun!


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