Time at Reading Viaduct

Reading Viaduct

Another graffiti exploration! With some help from Google and social media we were quickly able to find the location and the safest entrance with parking and gates nicely cut and folded for you. We mean no harm! I just want to take pictures and see some of these amazing art work!
The first building that we came upon had machines I am unclear what they were for but inside the building had some nice graffiti.

As my brother processed to look into a room on one side, he noticed boots, a jacket hung up and curtains .. O.O we left the building after that. We weren’t sure how long this path lead and there were many times we said “should we stop here for the day?” but we continued – and I’m glad we did! We found the cool building that I see in many Instagram pictures. There is also a “ladder” you can climb up to see what other pieces are up there. And at the end of the path there was the giant tire swing I was looking for! I didn’t know it was giant but I was very excited that it was. Someone took the effort of lugging this giant tractor trailer tire up here, getting nice rope and climbed to the top to tie it up. Whoever you are, thank you! We also came across 3 normal swings along the way that people needed to get the materials, climb to the top and tie it up – thank you too!

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