The Clay Studio trio

Wheel Goes Round & Round

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at pottery! Mostly because I was excited to play with the wheel. It was one of the things on my 2014 activities list and the only incomplete one I could do at this point.

The Clay Studio offers both adult and children + family classes. I looked into the adults classes at first. They were all months long and not in my price range! I just wanted to try it out once to see if I like it. Turns out Ellen has been here before and what I was looking for was the children and family classes.

Hung, Casy & I signed up for the “Wheel Goes Round & Round” class. We were the only ones there without a kid – even though the 3 of us were probably more kiddy than the kids.

You’re allowed to take 2 of whatever you made home but I found 2 is really all you have time to make. I didn’t want to make a plain cup or bowl and had dragons on my mind that day so the instructor suggested making a cup then adding a dragon’s head and tail to it. So there we go!

wedge and figs None of us had breakfast yet so I was in charge of Yelping a place. I’ve had Wedge + Fig bookmarked for quite some time and since we were in the neighborhood, this was the pick. We arrived just in time! If we were a minute later we would have had to wait. The place is very small and the menu wasn’t that big either.

We decided on getting 3 different things to try and share: Egg Nola, Apple Stuffed French Toast & Strata. Everything was delicious! Except the mac & cheese used a stinky cheese, otherwise it was pretty close to perfect.

Bees a-buzzin’, kissable dandelion fuzz ♫

Have a wonderful & happy holiday!

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