2PM World Tour

2PM World Tour at 8PM Friday night at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. 2PM is a group that I don’t follow but still listen to – after this concert, I think I will follow them more. They’ve been around for about 6 years and at the concert was such a funny and humble group which made me enjoy the concert so much more. The crowd turn out was extremely disappointing, it might have been because of their marketing. There are a few people who saw my posts about the concert and would have gone if they knew 2PM was coming. Still, I enjoyed myself and was very glad to have gotten the opportunity to see them.
snacksAbout 20 minutes from the Prudential Center is a Japanese supermarket, Mitsuwa. I’ve never heard of this place until Linda said she wanted to stop by before the concert. They sell all kinds of snacks and beauty products that looks just like the pictures you see online: cute and lots of pink. I ended up getting a basket full of snacks for my brother and boyfriend to try.
HannosukeOne side of the supermarket is also a cafeteria and gift/pastry shops. I looked around and ended up at Hannosuke for ten-don aka tempura bowls – #6 Chicken Tendon: chicken, shrimp, kakiage (veggie), nori and a soft boiled egg. I usually don’t like tempura, especially shrimp, but they made it very light and not as oily as mostĀ tempura that I’ve had.
sheep horseOutside in the plaza was a gift shop, Mars New York, with lots of Japanese goodies like t-shirts, bags and posters of manga or anime characters, stuff animals, little trinkets but also more traditional Japanese stuff like kimonos. But I would say everything was pretty pricey so mind your budget.
2pm2pmApologies for the terrible concert pictures, I debated about bringing my camera but came to the conclusion that I should really enjoy the concert instead of trying to capture it. That was also something I noticed – a lot of the crowd was pretty still. Why? Because they were too busy trying to take pictures and videos than enjoy the performance.

Here is their latest title song. Enjoy!


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