It’s the prettiest season of the year and the colors of the changing leaves makes me happy! I wanted to go to Central Park last year this season but could not find the time so this year was a must!


We took Megabus so early the sun wasn’t out yet and got to New York around 9:30. Then took the subway to the pier for Smorgesburg which we thought opened at 10 but turned out it was 11! Hungry and kind of cold, we played on this cool little playground for kids.

Spicy Tuna Taco

plantain bowl


When the gates for Smorgasburg finally opened, we were in there and ready to eat! The first stand I stopped at, Takumi Taco, sold tacos that didn’t have much taste and was way to expensive for a single taco. $6 for 1 taco!? What was I thinking!? Hunger and the love for tacos took over common sense.

My favorite was the plantain bowls from Mofon Go NY – good portion, good taste, decent price $10. I guess you can’t really expect to come to these things and not get completely ripped off.

central parkAfter our tummies have been fed, we headed to Central Park. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to see the leaves all in orange. Most of them were still green or light green but still very pretty. I also really wanted to make giant bubbles. I imagined buckets of soap everywhere for people to play with but when we got there, it was just 1 guy with 1 bucket and he did not look very friendly.

rooftop deck of HyattWe then went to the Hyatt in Times Square to pick up Noah from work. We were a bit early so he let us check out the roof top deck real quick. It was so beautiful up there! And the sky was looking nice because the sun was just about to set.

Although there were a lot of little things that did not go as I wished, we all still had a great time and our tummies were definitely happy!


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