Whitewater Rafting

I haven’t gone whitewater rafting since the first time in 2011. That was the first time and it was raining! But why does it matter? You’re going to get wet anyways!

This time, we didn’t have a LivingSocial so we drove up to Jim Thorpe ourselves which also meant lunch was not provided. There was a Subway on the way their 5 minutes away that looked like the only food place in the town besides the bar a block down – They must get a lot of business. We stopped by to grab a few subs for our lunch. 3 hours of paddling will make you hungry! When we were pulling out of the parking lot, a car pulled in and later we had a water battle with them.

I mentioned 3 hours but that is just before lunch. After lunch was about another 2 hours. I’m glad they gave us more time before lunch because after lunch everyone just wanted to sleep.

They provide buckets for our food and another bucket to empty our rafts if they get flooded – also good for throwing water at other rafts.

I forgot how much fun whitewater rafting could be. You do have to be around a few fun boats or you won’t have anyone to battle with.

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2 thoughts on “Whitewater Rafting

    • Jo says:

      Don’t be! It’s really not scary at all. You have to wear life jackets so if you fall in you’ll just float. The water is pretty shallow the whole time too, at least where I was, so if you do fall, float and don’t stand or you might hurt your ankle. Another thing, float on your back. Because it’s shallow, you might scrape your knee but that’s probably the worst that can happen – unless someone hits you with a paddle so choose your companions careful!


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