Classic Trip to VA Beach

-The Numbers-

  • 20 people
  • 3 vehicles
  • 6 hours
  • 5 days, 4 nights

Family vacation to Virginia Beach use to be an annual event until the older of us “kids” grew up and began to get busy with college, internships and now work. But this year, we really pushed to go and I am glad we did!

I want the younger of the kids to enjoy family vacations and have as many as possible until they get a little older and don’t want to hang out with us “old” people anymore. But I think with us older “kids” to guide them they should be okay. They seem to understand the value and joy of spending time with family more than I did at their age.


The younger of the kids are getting older and bigger but us older kids don’t realize that until we take a good look at them and see how tall they’ve gotten and think about what grade they are in. Otherwise, they are still very much little babies to us.

-Highlights of the Trip-

  • Hilarious pictures of Kes crying with everyone else behind
  • Polaroids with Grandpa and learning about his childhood
  • Pretty nice waves – thunderstorm
  • Writing with sparklers – especially the adults
  • Intense water Marco-Polo game in the pool
  • Card games with Steven’s friends
  • Playing Ninja in the pool
crying kes ellen

We don’t make her cry but we do take advantage of it when she does =) But that’s what cousins do!

kes whipping tears

My favorite picture from the trip

Polaroids with Grandpa

My awesome Grandpa!


skittles boarding

They were skittles for a day which made them easy to spot!

storm boarding

out because of storm

stevens friends

-Other Memorable Moments-

  • Fireworks on the first night
  • Jogging in the morning
  • Chicken in the pool resulting in headbumps
  • Painful sunburn
morning jog

The joggers

ec chicken


kes hold this

seaweed kes

night beach jump

-Where We Filled Our Tummies-

  • Captain George’s Seafood Buffet
  • Pizzeria
  • Pho 79
  • Pocahontas’ Pancake House
  • Neptune’s Restaurant
  • Café Amario
french toast

French toast

4 dozen roses

-Song of the Trip-
MKTO – Classic



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