Meet Cheif!

That saying in Chinese translates literally to “crazy people have crazy people luck.” This is how our adventure today could be described.

Our group of 8 had a reservation for 9:30AM at the SkyTop Adventure Center for Treetop Zipline & Challenge Course. When I calculated the time to get there from home, I didn’t account for stopping for gas, food and restrooms so I said we’d leave at 7AM. I also didn’t account for unexpected events like over sleeping. By the time we left the house, the GPS said we’d arrive at 9:35AM so I figured we’d be okay – but after all that stopping, it now said 10AM!

When we got near the place, we ended up passing where the GPS told us to turn and ended up at SkyTop Lodge where there was a golf course and expensive cars. We went back to where the GPS told us which turned out to be SkyTop Village, a residential area! None of us but Alec had signal so he called the adventure center who told us they had no idea where we were but they are located about a mile north of the lodge. We ended up driving pass here as well! U-turn!!

So by the time we got to the check-in desk it was about 10:15AM .. they couldn’t fit 10 people in a session – 2 of the people we were with had 10AM sessions – so we decided to wait for the 4:30PM session they always have available for people like us.

6 hours to kill!? What to do? There definitely had to be something to do since we were in the Pocono’s. None of us has gone horseback riding before and all wanted to so we looked up a place – Mountain Creek Riding Stable – that happened to be just about 8 miles away – called, made a reservation and headed over!

As soon as you open the car door an extremely strong stink runs straight up your nose! The inside where you sign the waivers was even worst!! We waited about an hour then was assigned our horses.

Meet Cheif!! My horse at that time! He was the one I wanted too! He is also a lot like me: snacking along the way when he isn’t suppose to and impatient.

We all had a great time and really enjoyed our experience. Looking forward to going back or finding another place with a longer trail.

After a nice horseback ride, we were all ready to eat. We asked the girl at the desk where she would recommend close by and was told PBC: Pocono’s Brewing Company – everyone met up there and bottom line is .. I don’t recommend this place.

4:30PM finally can around and we were just in time for our treetop adventure. There were 3 other people in our group and our guide. At first we thought having a guide with us would not be fun but he was very laid back and didn’t care that we were jumping around. He even jumped around and rocked the obstacles with us!

In the end, although missing our session and having to wait 6 hours would have been a stressful situation, we made the best of it and had a better time than we would have originally!


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