Hatch, Blossom, Smoke

It was a beautiful Saturday where I knew I was not going to be staying indoors!

Kyo Daiko

First stop: Morris Arboretum for their Cherry Blossom Festival. I’ve never been to the Morris Arboretum before and heard that it was beautiful and fun. I really wanted to see the Kyo Daiko Japnese-style drumming school. The first time I remember seeing Japanese-style drumming live was a few years ago at a different Cherry Blossom Festival. I wanted to learn but they were not located near me so I ended up not perusing it. This school, however, is near! And there are beginner classes that should be starting soon! I talked to someone after they performed, got some information, emailed them & is waiting for a response on when I can begin learning!

River of Life

The River of Life samurai art group was also there to show us some Japanese swordsmanship techniques. It was cool but also spine chilling. The kids were really entertained. A lot of “ouuuus” & “ahhhhhs” from the kids. They were also able to take the straw that was cut during the demo as souvenirs. Great way to clean up without having to cleaning up because all of the kids rushed to pick some up before he even finished his sentence.

Explored the garden for a little bit but most of the trees were still dead from the winter. I’ll be back when everything is grown!

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

Afterwards, picked up the boyfriend to take him to Silk City Diner & Lounge were we ate outside in the blazing sun while it drains out energy. I had the Smoked Salmon Benedict discovering that I am not a huge fan of hollandaise sauce or their’s was just too thick.

Have you been to any Cherry Blossom Festivals?


One thought on “Hatch, Blossom, Smoke

  1. chentina says:

    This is why you should have come here for college…my school has a pretty good Lion Dance team and Taiko team (google Bakahatsu Taiko Dan). And we have a gorgeous arboretum!


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