Long Month with Lots of Lions

Here are a few pictures from 2 of this month’s lion dances. March has been a busy month for our school to do lion dance. We had at least 1 every Sunday and maybe another one during the week. This pass Sunday was our last one for the Chinese New Year season. A 5 hour, up and down Chinatown parade by our school and Sifu Rome’s school.

The Lions, The Dragon & The Boyfriend

My Lions for the day!

The Best Friend came out to support me =)

And then there is this chicken looking Unicorn

Sifu Cheung

Each other’s other halves.

After the parade, we went to Joy Tsin Lau to celebrate Sifu’s birthday, his 40th years of teaching Kung Fu in the US & Chinese New Year.

As much work as all this was, I think I will miss eating together so much. I also got to be in the Northern Lion for the first time and see the Unicorn in action!

Do you know the difference between the South Lion, Northern Lion, Dragon & Unicorn?


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