Run Run Run!

Yesterday’s weather was lovely! A little chilly at certain times but generally nice. So nice that I was able to eat outside by the foutain at Franklin Square then go jogging!

Originally, I wanted to go biking but those with bikes were working while others did not have bikes or were busy so jogging was the next best thing. I asked Apple to go jogging but he was going to Muay Thai first so I stopped by Saladworks to-go & ate at Franklin Square while people watching.

Funny side story: there was a teenage couple being really cute and lovey-dovey when all of a sudden .. I think the guy accidentally spit water in the girl’s face! I just suddenly saw him turn around & spit out a bunch of water & her arched over! Then he pulled out some tissues & was wiping her face. Later, when I was leaving, I saw them again. The guy was holding his hoodie up like a sheild & the girl had the water bottle in her hand; I guess she was trying to get revenge! Then… While I was waiting for Apple, they walked by again & this time, the guy was trying to get the water bottle, put some water in his mouth & looked like he was trying to get revenge from her revenge!

We parked at the back of the Art Museum & ran along the shorter trail towards Walnut. I’ve never been a running but I think I did really well last night! And I was feeling very motivated & energized. The weather was also perfect! I don’t think I’d be able to run when it gets hotter. I liked the breeze & temperature. Nice with a light hoodie too.

I am excited for the weather to be a little warmer so I can do this again! This can begin my “training” to run with Ellen!

What are some weather appropiate activities that you enjoy?

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