Night In, Day Out


Friday night was a relaxing night in consisting of take-out, movies from when we were growing up like The Lizzie McGuire Movie & Spice Girl’s Spice World. We also wanted to do arts & crafts but didn’t want to go buy supplies so we colored instead.

Lots of high school memories were also brought back up. Some more clear than others but all definitely funny.


The weather finally felt nice enough for us to go biking yesterday. Ainhi & I wanted to bike & she wanted brunch so I Yelped a place & we ended up at Honey Sit-n-Eat an interestingly decorated corner shop with a few bike racks outside. The food was pretty good & very filling! I’ve been really into fish tacos lately and that was a great choice here! The fish came out hot & the chipotle mayo sauce was delicious!!


We wanted to digest so we walked our bikes a bit afterwards. We came across an awesome mural/drawing of Big Foot lounging on a bench and wanted to take pictures. There were 4 people there that were hovering around their phones and the first thing that popped into my head was that they were playing Ingress! So I pulled out my phone to see if I needed to defend any portals. Ainhi on the other hand went over & asked if they were playing but they were actually just taking a picture. He asked if we wanted him to take our picture for us & in return, we’d take one for them. Turns out he’s a photographer & showed us how to pose (photo above).


We found a few other places that had some nice murals/drawings & stopped to take pictures.


And since the kids haven’t gone out to play much lately, I decided to take them to FDR to play tennis. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea since all the courts were taken! So we took a few pictures on the lake & left.

Anyone else miss anything because of the weather?

Links to Places Mentioned:


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