Gong Hey Fat Choy :: Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year has to be my favorite holiday. Favorite part? The music! Chinese New Year music is so happy & festive bringing back many memories & traditions from when I was little & Ah-Jaw (great grandma) was still around. Many things have changed but the general idea of family & celebration still stands.

The pass 3 years, we’ve been able to get group family pictures minus Dad because we always do li shi late.

Another huge thing for New Year is going to see lion dances in Chinatown or Washington markets. This year, Steven & I got to participate in the lion dance! Lots of work & cuts into family time though. But it’s stilly pretty fun so I will have a different post all about that.

This year is the year of the horse & since I am a horse, I had to get this watch from Swatch!

Also, have you seen the Chinese New Year commercials? They are mainly family focused & brings tears to your eyes!

Happy New Year everyone! Take some time out to spend with the family! =)

Links to Places Mentioned:


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