Since Chrissy Arrived

It’s Chrissy’s first winter with us so we are super excited!

First thing first, family time & Grandpa’s birthday! ❤ Simple dinner & cakes because we already went out for dinner on the weekend.

Next, cleaned/organized my closet which I have been waiting for her to come & help with.

Sky Zone!! It was so much cooler than I thought it would be. You end up losing your sense of gravity & feeling really dizzy if you attempt to bounce or run afterwards though.

“Do you wanna build a snowman?”
Have been waiting to see Frozen and since there was a theater down the block, it was perfect! The movie was cute & I liked a lot of the not too too typical aspects like the true love & who is evil. “Born or a curse?”

Christmas with the family! With a tree & everything!

Poconos trip where she learned to snowboard & skii.

Ice skating with the kids!

Mummer’s New Years parade.

Snow day the day she was suppose to leave but she changed her flight & was able to roll around in the fresh, fluffy snow, shovel & clean the car for the first time!

Sushi Kingdom …. Arg! Wanted to take Mom here to try but forgot how I said I probably wouldn’t be back but now I know & will remember not to be back. The sushi is horrible but it isn’t great either. I also got a major stomach ache from it. 😣

SokeSoke & Y-ee took us to The Cheesecake Factory was yummy but half of us were still full from lunch. I didn’t get anything so we ended up able to share. I also love the brown bread that they give for free so we asked for some when packing leftovers and the guy went and got us a freshly baked, whole roll!! I was so excited 😳

Federal Donuts that I am not a fan of but she wanted to try because it was in a magazine.

Didn’t get to take her to 5 Guys though.


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