A Trip to the Snowy Mountains

First Pocono’s winter vacation & first time snowboarding/skiing for some!

-The House-
Very homey & fully stocked with supplies. It also had family & life quotes everywhere which was a nice little touch.

-The Food-
As soon was we finished checking out the house, we decided the menu for each night then went to Walmart to get everything.

The first night was Chicken Parmesan with meatballs & spaghetti, homemade garlic bread
Second night = Ainhi’s Shrimp Scampi, corn, peas
Third night = Hung’s meatloaf with mash potatoes, corn, peas
Finally, Hung’s Chicken Enchilada’s & Hung’s meatloaf made by me, sauce by Steven with spinish & corn, peas & sugar cookies some with chocolate chips or cinnamon

Breakfast was the usual eggs, bacon, sausage & toasts.

-The Fun-
The first snowboarding night was at Camelback Mounatins since it was only a few minutes away. It was horrible! Not the mountain but the night. I was falling & tumbling all over the place, hit my head real hard & lost my sport camera! Picking up my legs that night & the next day was terrible.
The second time, we went to Blue Mountains. The trip was further but much more enjoyed. We went at noon as opposed to night like last time & the day’s experience was just better. 3 of us wanted to try skiing before boarding; skiing is great on the legs & all but it was not very challenging; not that I was going fast! I ended up switching to boarding instead. The boyfriend & brother said we were going to the bigger hill not realizing it’s on the very top of the mounatin. The lift ride was cool because it was fast & the view was nice but as soon as I got up there my heart was pounding. We went down Paradise which is suppose to be the easiest one but boy of boy did I already psych myself out. It took me a half hour to get around 2 curves but the boyfriend stuck by me & was very patient.
We waited 45 minutes outside for burgers that turned out we could have gotten inside. Then they went back to Paradise while I rested up & went on the bunny one more time before leaving.

-The Funny-
Taboo after dinner is hilarious because we not only use words, we have a partner acting it out behind us.

Song of the trip: A Great Big World – Say Something
Quote of the trip: “Do you want to see me spread my toes?”

The song was because Apple woke up early one morning and was making us breakfast; he likes to play music from Pandora when he does things and apparently that song has been coming on a few times. Ainhi & Hung woke up later and told him “you’re life is too good to be listening to that song that early in the morning!” So now every time the song comes on we think of this trip.

Oh! And Hung got us Elmo & Cookie Monster onesies! And she clogged the toilet.

We had a few bumps before the vacation even begun like someone not being able to go then bumps along the way like not enough snow for snowmobiles or dog sleeding & losing me camera but we had a good time cooking, lounging around, tumbling down the mountain & learning that made up for it.

Until our next adventure!!


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