Proud, Delicious & Excited

White Coat

I was a proud sister today though there was never a doubt or surprise. Today was my brother’s white coat ceremony which also means he is now an official Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (PCP) student. The reason there has never been a doubt is because he’s always been a smart kid. His first 2 years didn’t even phase him; you’d be lucky if you could catch him sitting at his desk really studying. Now, however, it’s crunch time! I’ve never seen him study as much in his entire life as I do this semester. Surprising but still not doubtful that he’d to great. The white coat ceremony and getting into the program may seem like a big deal to a lot of people but for our family, it’s not a big deal until you graduate. You could very well drop out at any time. But I was still proud cause I know I would definitely not have been able to make it that far. I cried all the time taking basic Chem in college and asked my brother for help; he knew that stuff as if it were 1+1.

After the ceremony and finally meeting his friends, I took him & Mom out to sushi. Mom likes to eat out but we normally go to Chinese or Vietnamese places; I’m never sure what kind of out place to take her to but I knew her & Steven both like sushi. The place I wanted to take them to was not open for lunch but since we were already in the area, we walked over to Crazy Sushi; turned out to be an awesome choice.

We were there about 10 minutes before opening but since they were probably ready, they let us in. I’ve already been here 2 out times so I know that the sushi is better than most places around and the service is good. The same lady from the other time seated us and ended up taking to us in Chinese. She asked if we knew Mandarin so I was able to practice my broken, mostly forgotten Mandarin from school.

We had 2 yummy appetizers (vampire bowl & rock shrimp) and 3 different kind of special rolls (Odessa, M16 & Fried Oyster); Mom also had hot tea that the lady constantly kept refilling. We liked the Odessa roll so much we ordered another one along with a Shark roll. We made really good choices this time around because everything was sooo good! I also really like this place because their dish presentation is always really pretty! I like to draw but is not able to do so from my imagination; I have to look at something to draw it. Not very creative..

Pumpkin Carving

Speaking of creative, Steven, the boyfriend & I finally got to do pumpkin carving! We stopped by Walmart to pick up 3 pumpkins for around $4; I already had a Hello Kitty carving kit at home.

The emptying out of the pumpkin was very easy and felt like I was sticking my hand into someone’s gut.. The carving part wasn’t too bad either if you have the right tools. I always thought we didn’t really need a kit. I just got one because it was cute. Turns out normal kitchen knives and spoons aren’t as great. We all used what we had and shared my kit and came out with 3 awesome pumpkins!! We’re all so proud of how they turned out!! Apple’s panda was one he found online but since we couldn’t print that one, I drew it on for him. We also didn’t want to keep real candles in there so we ended up sticking glow sticks in them; evil eyes looked awesome!

Lesson learned: Carving kit is worth it!

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