Orange Pumpkins, Oranges Shoes!

Pumpkin Land, Pumpkin Land! Whoohoo to pumpkin land!

Ainhi texted me and asked if I wanted to go “random pumpkin picking” so we went to Linvilla Orchard for the first time to check out Pumpkin Land which was super exciting since it’s the first year I’m really doing anything with pumpkins. Plus, it’s a “pick your own” orchard and Hung was already there picking apples. Ainhi didn’t want to pick apples so she took the kids on a hayride while Apple & I went apple picking with Hung & Khang; very exciting only because neither of us has gone apple picking before.

All the apples looked dusty and yucky at first but as you went further back, they looked better and were more available. And as soon as you polish it, it becomes shiny like at the stores. The first red one we tried was definitely the sweetest; except the one we picked for Ainhi, that one turned out sour.

The apple cider donuts there were extra yummy! Every time the wind blew you could smell their deliciousness!! I should have bought more for home!

None of us ended up buying a big pumpkin but I did get a small one along with 3 other autmun decorating veggie/fruit(?)

Has anyone gone fruit picking? We use to go strawberry picking when I was little but we don’t do that anymore.

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