Outside Lately

Last Saturday (09/28) was another nice bike day but with Scott, James & Mary instead. We were able to bike around Kelly Drive right before they opened up the 2nd half to traffic.

Campus Philly was also the same day so after a nice bike ride we got a bunch of free stuff and ate at the food trucks. I got a giant burrito from
Dessert was at Reading Terminal’s Bassett’s Ice Cream where they ended up getting free ice cream because Scott’s high school friend works there. Yay to free stuff! ^o^

After biking home, I saw my cousins about to head out biking to a near by park to collect leaves for their science project so Scott & I joined.

Hung & Khang came to bike afterwards to a block party that was really lame so we biked to Chinatown for takoyaki and to Franklin Square where it got dark so I got sick the following day; which happened to be a day I had to do lion dance for China’s birthday.

Thursday night (10/03) was Chinatown’s Night Market which the boyfriend was super excited about because he’s been trying this grilled cheese truck for a year now! Sadly, he was pretty disappointed; as was I when trying a mac&cheese truck; a taco stand was good though.

Friday night (10/04) the boyfriend & I went to the Somo Present: The Ride Tour concert. He is a YouTube singer I discovered through the boyfriend. He does a lot of covers but puts his own twists to it. He also has a few really good songs. His voice is amazing and the way he changes the songs he covers makes me like the songs when I orginially don’t.

Kids Day

Yesterday (10/05) was too hot to go biking so I took the kids out instead; although we ended up doing all outdoor things.

Franklin Square was our first stop where the kids played minigolf and see all discovered that we do not have the minigolf gene. XP

PYT to fill those empty tummies; boyfriend was invited to this.

I wanted to take them to the Dragon Boat Festival but we couldn’t find it. Since they mentioned never playing tennis before and my tennis stuff was in the trunk, I brought them to FDR to try it out; playground afterwards.

Was a very nice day with the kids but would be so much nicer if it wasn’t so hot! It’s suppose to be Fall!! >=O

Today was another tennis day with the kids but this time Wes was invited. He took a few swings but missed every time so pretty much gave up on tennis. He did really enjoy the playground though.

Spend as much time with the kids as possible; before they all grow up and don’t enjoy the simple things in life.

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