Peddle Peddle :: Food to Share

Another Saturday of perfect weather for biking!

First stopped by Dad’s place to fix his printer then on the way to The Oval, stopped by City Hall & Love Park.

Also stopped by and took some pictures outside the Rodin Museum that I’ve walked, biked and drove by many times but never knew it was a museum! Next time, we are going to check out the inside.

We went to The Oval and tried 3 of the 4 food trucks. The boyfriend came later in and tired the last one. My favorite were the sweet potato tacos and the Faji BBQ. The truck with the Faji BBQ, Soupervan, provides a meal to the local soup kitchen for every meal that you get! Great cause and great customer service.

On our way home, I noticed my bike was getting harder to pedal so I stopped by Ken’s place where the boyfriend and Ken helped Ainhi & I fill the tires.

Went home and an hour later the boyfriend picked me up to go to Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival! There were many more food trucks there but the ones at The Oval actually sounded better. We did try a few places (Taco Mondo, pina coladas, The Cow and The Curd) but nothing really stood out. We also got $2 sweets from Susie’s Sweets Bakery and lots of free chips from other people.

Finally, stopped by Performance Bikes so boyfriend could look at bikes and test them out.

Very eventful day! Lots of sun, fun & food!


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