Your Next Roller Coaster Conquering Makeup Guru

Makeup Night

Your next makeup guru!

Does Mom not let me use her kitchen because I can’t cook or I can’t cook because she doesn’t let me use her kitchen? I think it’s a bit of both.

Friday night Casy & I went over Hung’s house for dinner. I was to prepare the appetizer, tomatos with cheese and a side of sweet potatoes; Hung to prepare pizza; Casy tiramisu. The sweet potatoes came out horrible and soggle; the tomatoes were pretty good but turns out nobody liked tomatoes but me! The first pizza came out looking funny and sticking to the tin foil but didn’t taste bad; the second one looked much better and I was told tasted a lot better as well. Casy’s made her tiramisu Thursday night and brought it over. It was pretty good; too much coca powder on top though.

After dinner, Hung let me do her “boyfriend does girlfriend’s makeup challenge.” Her boyfriend doesn’t want to do it and I wanted to do it om someone so it all worked out; except the actual makeup, that was horrible. We Googled “makeup” and choose one from the images. Casy was first; her’s actually didn’t turn put too badly. Hung’s on the other hand came out horribly! It looked like she put on her makeup in the dark and was caught in the rain! I now have a much bigger appreciation for makeup artists! Major props to you gals!

We then played a game of Buzz and called it a night.

P.S.: Don’t forget to add oil to the tin foil before baking a pizza.

Hershey Park

Saturday was Hershey Park! First time for many of them. We took 2 cars and since the other car was late and we were hungry, our car stopped by Red Robin’s right next to the park for lunch. First time there for me! I like the style of decorating; reminded me of old school. I had a Burnin’ Love burger with coleslaw; the burger was okay but the bottom bun was so soggy that I really couldn’t enjoy it. Their burgers comes with bottomless steak fries that were pretty yummy; we were too full to get a refill though.

At the park, we hit every big rollercoaster that wasn’t wooden. The weather wasn’t too bad for a park day. It was extremely hot in the middle of the afternoon when we waited for our first rollercoaster that did not have shade. We also didn’t know that you could get a cup of ice water for free at any food place; saved us a lot of money.

We ended the night with sore feet with 2 calm rides: the Ferris Wheel and Kissing Tower; then to the Chocolate Factory for a tour of how they make their chocolate.

I had a great day with fun people and corny jokes!

P.S.: Always go to amusement parks with an even number of people so nobody has to sit alone on rides.

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