Always Someone’s Birthday

Last night, the boyfriend & I took a stroll alone the waterfront after watching fireworks. With work, practice and school coming back soon, it has been a while since we’ve gotten to do that. There were also a lot of couples out that night.

After our time, he dropped me off at Cuba Libre, a Cuban/Latin restaurant that becomes a dance club Friday and Saturday nights. Ainhi & Hung were having dinner there and was on dessert by the time I arrived; it’s okay because we were actually there to check out the dance club part of the place. We were told there was suppose to be a performance before they opened the floor but there wasn’t; a women did come out later on dancing in one of the corners but they didn’t even put a spotlight or anything on her.

We were on the sidelines at first until I decided it was time to go out and enjoy ourselves before it got too late. Hung & I ended up asking guys to dance with Ainhi because she’s the single one and always joked about us getting guys for her. Our tally for the night were 5 and a half guys; half because one of them only joined in because his friend was dancing with her; they also ended up buying her a drink. Hung would approach guys saying, “would you like to dance with my friend? It’s her birthday.” We do eventually tell them it’s not, which I feel like most people already know.
I was telling the boyfriend this story today and he said, “it seems lke every time you guys go out it’s someone’s ‘birthday’.” to think about it, I think that statement is true.

It’s always a blast hanging with these 2 girls. We are now looking for more dance places to go to; not the typical clubs though. The DJ at this place started off playing Latin music but ended up playing thinga like Fat Joe – Lean Back, G-Unit and 50cent.

Has anyone been to a Cuban/Latin club? How was your experience?

Links to places mentioned:


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