Tarzan for a Day

Yesterday was the first of hopefully many advantures we will be having this summer.

Hung & I have been talking about going to Camelback Mountains for their Tree Top Adventure courses for a little while now. I finally got around to organizing it and had a good group of 11 people who were ready to go from tree to tree!

We set out at 7AM in 3 cars and arrived about 2 hours later. We were worried about a thunderstorm and sunburn but the sun was out and we were in between all the tall trees.


I was first and had the camera most of the time so I did not get a real ziplining photo of me from the front so we staged a photo. After looking at it, I realized this was OBVIOUSLY staged because if my hand was on the wire like that, I would have lost 5 fingers!

We signed up for the full course adventure package while included 5 tree top courses. I got ropeburn on the second one! You see in shows when the dorky guy cannot claim the rope and slides down? That’s what happened to me except I didn’t have to climb it, I just had to hold on but I couldn’t and had to complete the rest of the adventures with my middle finger up.

The first 3 courses were not as physically tiring as the last 2; or it may be because I ran out of power. These courses takes a lot of upperbody strength and balance; and fear of heights doesn’t really affect much since you as consistanly clipped onto a line; as long as you don’t “double unclip.”

I discovered 2 very important things about myself and my physical abilities yesterday: I cannot hold my own weight and climbing a cargo net is no joke! That had to be the most physically tiring thing I had to do yesterday.


Group picture on the bottom is of those who completely all 5 courses!

Cameras were not allowed up on the course but I had my sporty camera that I just had around my neck and as long as you are not holding up traffic, I don’t think they really mind.

After the 3rd course, you were able to exit or continue to the next 2; 4 of our members exited! =( but  7 of us completed the full courses just in the nick of time! Right after the boyfriend & I were setting up for the final zipline, they started having a thunder warning and were lowering people down; We zipped across quickly and was able to complete all the courses! Good thing we chose the early time slot; not only did we not have to wait behind a lot of people, we also didn’t have to worry about rain and had plenty of time to eat and relax afterwards.

Cheese balls from Olive Garden

Cheese balls from Olive Garden

Before going, I looked up somewhere to eat after we were finished and find a nice little deli but it would not show up on the GPS so we found a Panara Bread but on the way there, we saw an Olive Garden and ended up in there instead!

Cannot wait for our next adventure!

Have any of you guys gone ziplining or done any kind of tree top adventures before? I would definitely recommend it if you haven’t!!

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