Cars on My Mind {Lately}

Since the graduation party a week ago, I’ve mostly been staying home playing Cooking MaMa on the DS or watching Initial D the anime on Netflix.

A few of us also went to another advance screening of Fast & Furious 6. It isn’t as good the second time around; because a lot of the movie depended on surprise. You also do not want to watch movies at the United Artists on Columbus. The people who go here always talk a lot. I also do not think babies or kids that cannot be controlled should be allowed to non children movies.

The boyfriend is trading his G35 for his dream car and I am actually pretty excited for it too; as much as I really will miss this car; especially the sound of it. *vrooooom!

And with all this car business, we went to Dave & Busters on Thursday to get some racing out of our system.

Moms Flowers

Our garden has also been blooming very nicely

Then Friday we relaxed by doing yoga. Doing yoga in between Ellen & him is like trying to go to sleep between Hung & Ainhi; too funny to happen.

4th Street on 19th

Chow time after yoga


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