Party It Up

Grad Party 1

We haven’t had a house party since we moved in but Mom wanted one for the big occasion. Thankfully, it was not as hectic as I imagined it would be. We were following the weather all week-long and was not excited when it showed rain. We borrowed a bunch of tables, tents and chairs for outside and since there really wasn’t much rain, everyone was able to be outside and even had their own section; elders, gentlemen, ladies, kids and older kids.

Hung Graduation

So proud of her!

I first went to Hung’s graduation at LaSalle University in the morning and had to run around getting cheese and looking for stereos, the candles that goes under the trays of food. I always wanted to have an outdoors graduation but with that, you need perfect weather or it is just a hassle! Hung’s graduation was outdoors and raining! But luckily, they were also airing it live inside in theater which is where I stayed until they called her name.

Graduation ceremony
Graduation party
Job after graduation
Mini-vacation before work
Start studying to go to graduate school

Is anyone going or thinking about going to grad school?


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