Love, Dance & Family

ChutneyFriday was boy band theme yoga! We got to do yoga to some old school BSB, N’Sync and New Kids on the Block. But not before Ellen & I tried out Chutney’s dosases. Very yummy and great customer service; we will definitely be back!

LamsDuy & Diana

This pass weekend was my cousin Duy’s wedding to his beautiful bride Diana. It was held at Belle Voir an adorable place right on the Delaware River. They had an outdoor ceremony then moved it inside where there was a little mash potato bar, a performance and some dancing with the bride & groom. The family reunited and the night was filled with dancing and jumping around.

Lobster pasta

The next morning, some of the family came over for some lobster pasta before sending them home to other states! The kids from both Mom & Dad’s family got to meet again and boy is it wild having so many kids in the house!

Kiddos We watched some funny t.v. then played monkey in the middle before going to Grand China buffet for Mother’s day dinner where everyone else seem to have the same idea!

I hope everyone and their Mama’s had a great Mother’s day! Don’t forget to always honor your mom everyday though!

What was something really cool or creative at a wedding you’ve been to? What did you guys do for Mother’s day?

 Linkes to places mentioned:


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