Getting Older {Lately}

Grandma Birthday Last week was my grandmother’s birthday! We had cake and went to dinner at Tai Lake as usual but had the karaoke room this time! The kids definitely were having a blast!

birthday 23 Last week was also my birthday and for that, my parents got me a cake and cooked a lot of food that I liked.

Birthday Flowers On Thursday, the boyfriend brought me to Green Wasabi and we went for a little walk afterwards. The next day, “[was] still [my] birthday” so we got brunch at Sabrina’s Cafe before school.

Friday, my girlfriends made me dinner and we also took this time to reunite and update each other on our lives. Also started watching Identity Thief but didn’t have time to finish.

Saturday was Free Comic Day and although I discovered this by accident, (by passing by a banner on display at Brave new Worlds) it was still a nice little discovery. I was able to choose 3 short comic books to take home free of charge! Grabbed an Archie one for the boyfriend because he recently mentioned reading that when he was young.

Afterwards, we walked to Penn Treaty Park for the Kite Festival, grabbed food from a truck, walked down South Street’s festival then walked home. It was a nice relaxing day where I need to learn how to [literally] kick his butt while we are walking better.

Ellen Broad Run

Sunday, Ellen did the Broad Street Run. The first of the family to do a run and we were extremely proud of her! She will me training my brother & I for next year’s run.

Avocado BLT with Turkey

Avocado BLT with Turkey

Today was my last day of classes as an undergrad and each semester, Hung would come to school and give lunch with me. Since she hasn’t this semester, we decided to have lunch but took it off campus. She found this cute little cafe called Miles Table that we went to try out.

What have you guys been eating lately? Has anyone ever done a run?


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