Being Active on a Nice Day

Today was the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts on Broad Street and since the weather was extra nice, I decided to take the kids. They are at “that age” where all they want to do is sit on the computer. But when I was their age at my time, all I wanted to do was go out! At first, I asked if they wanted to go and they said no. So I told them “too bad! It’s super nice out and I do not want you sitting at the computer all day! So get changed!”

Ribs and Mac

There were food stands, carnival rides and even a big robotic dinosaur we could pet. We also waited in a 45 minute line for burnt ribs .. But at least the kids came out!

Kids Bike Out

We also met up with Kevin & David who was telling us about their all night long bike ride so I asked the kids if they wanted to go biking and they were more than happy to; which I was very glad about. We had to wait for Ellen to get home to grab the kids bikes from there then we were off to Pennslanding! Then Franklin Square and home before it got too dark.

I hope the kids enjoyed their day so that they would be more willing to go out and be a little more active next time I invite them!

How do you get your kids to go out?

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