I think I just tried “hot yoga” for the first time! I heard about this yoga studio in Center City that was offering free yoga classes every Friday this month so my cousin & I decided to try it. It was very similar to the yoga that I do in school but it was extra hot! I did overhear the people who work there talking about the heat but I could have sworn I heard the lady say they didn’t need the heat on today.

I have never heard of hot yoga but in the middle of it, my cousin turned to me and said she thinks this is hot yoga! I don’t normally sweat from the yoga I do at school but this time I was sweating! I don’t know if it may be because there were so many people in a much smaller space than at school or if it really was hot yoga. Either way, it was a nice experience. This lady really liked doing the downward facing dog and leg lifts. I’m trying to get use to the downward facing dog but my fingers always get cramped.

Does anyone else do yoga? What are your opinions on it?

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2 thoughts on “Namaste

  1. chentina says:

    I have friends (that I don’t really talk to anymore) that do hot yoga. They told me it was like a sauna and you’ll feel like dying if you forget a water bottle. I don’t think yours was hot yoga…it was just hot.


    • Jo says:

      I talked to the lady the week after and she said it was not hot yoga. I did try “real” hot yoga later on at a different place that I don’t know if I blogged about.


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