Friendly Strangers

Today's arm candy

Hung’s boyfriend’s sister is 9 years old and wanted to make her a friendship bracelet. Aren’t little kids the cutest!

Curds & Whey

Found this place on Yelp and decided to check it out. It was a cute little place that was a little store when you first walked in and a little cafe in the room on your left.

Friendly couple

This cute couple came in the same time Hung & I did and was seated next to us. While looking at the menu, the man turned over to us and asked what we were going to order. Haven’t decided yet, we told them we weren’t sure and asked what they were getting. He then replies real cutely, “Okay. But don’t copy us. We don’t know yet but she always copies me *points to lady*.” With a few giggles, we went back to reading our menus. Every few minutes we could hear them making little jokes our way, “They’re waiting for us to order so they could copy.” What a cute couple they were! They ended up having a pretty heated discussion about words in the English language.

I love talking to friendly elders because I always feel like they have such a great story they could share but I never have the guts to hold a real conversation with them and ask them about their personal lives. I don’t want to seem like a creep. I wanted to ask them about their stories and where they were from since their discussion about the English language had clues they came from another country. Hung & I said when we become old, we are going to talk to friendly looking young kids. =P


We drove all the way to Willow Grove Mall to go to Yogurtland can get Sanrio spoons but they were no longer available!

My dress

Angel Sent

She said this dress made her feel like a mother angel being summoned in Charmed.

Do you like talking to strangers? If so, how do you approach them?


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