Saturday Morning Adventure Withdrawal

I didn’t get to go biking for 2 weeks and was beginning to have a withdrawal! We weren’t sure how cold it was going to be but decided we had to go no matter what! Luckily, it wasn’t too cold.

We added a few new places on the adventure this time: Penn Treaty Park, Street art tunnels, top of a parking lot and the Piazza. And of course we had some fun taking silly group pictures.

The wasn’t the only good part of my day, I also started teaching myself the guitar. First song: Mary Had a Little Lamb. 

Also took the Kiddos to see Wreck-It Ralph.  It was a really cute movie. Ellen said the little girl is what my boyfriend’s & my daughter is going to be like.

And to top off that day, a group of us went to try Sushi Kingdom. 10 people, 4 hours. It was a funny 4 hours though!

Has anyone else seen Wreck-It Ralph?


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