Advice: Best Time to Shop

I just saw this video on Yahoo called “Secret Strategies Retailers Use” and would like to share it with everyone. I’ve heard that airfares are cheaper on Tuesday & Wednesday and after some monitoring for an upcoming trip, it proves to be true!

So here are the strategies from the video that may help all of us save money!

Days to Purchase What:

  • Monday: Cars
  • Tuesday: Airfares (Check out image below for more airfare tips.)
  • Wednesday: Entertainment
  • Thursday: Clothes
  • Friday: Peek shopping day
  • Saturday: Books and appliances
  • Sunday: Grocery

Days & Places with Price Cuts:

  • Sunday & Monday: Kmart, Target, Macy’s, Sears
  • Tuesday: Walmart
  • Wednesday: Dell
  • Friday: JCPenny

Numbers at the End of the Price Tag:

  • 97¢ = final sale at Costco, Banana Republic, GAP
  • ending in 7 = “as is” at Christmas tress shops which may also mean they have missing parts

And below is the guide I used to figuring out when to purchase my airfare for an upcoming trip! You can click the picture to go to the website directly.

This is what I used to figure out when to purchase my tickets for a upcoming trip.

Happy shopping everyone!


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