Where we are today…

This crazy guy came to school looking for me while I was running around the student center trying to help my friend’s organization sell bake goods. When I was finished, I went back to the table and my friend Jervis was acting crazy like “Hurry up! Come here! Casy is looking for you. She said it was urgent.” My boyfriend couldn’t reach me by phone so he called one of my closest friends he knew at school and so she tried helping look for me.

By the time I called them back, they have already started following my footsteps into the game room and where they thought I might still be selling sweets. Casy then came back to the table and said “he got mad and stormed off.” Knowing his temper, I would not be surprised if he did. Whenever we are suppose to be meeting up and I miss his calls, he gets so frustrated. What surprised me was right after she said that he turns the corner with flowers  not grumpy at all.

The rest of the day I just felt really giddy and smiley. People were complimenting the flowers and asking who they were from. One lady even asked if it was my birthday. When he said “no”, she replied “so you’re just a nice guy huh?” =P

He even came back after my night class to pick me up with a little snack made by his friend. Man am I in love with this dude. I would say we’ve been through a LOT these past 8 years. There were definitely really bad times when I believed it is best not to be with him but then there are days like today when I’m glad we stuck it out. And days like this that I’m glad HE was the one who was strong enough to deal with issues I would have rather walked away from. ❤


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