“You owe me a 10 second car.”

Went to my first office race kind of thing! It was the 2012 Nissan Infiniti Shootout in Atco, NJ. This is the first one and hopefully not the last!

My boyfriend is one of those guys I describe as “a car dude.” He has a passion for cars and knows how to appreciate them in a way that I do not. However, I do like to see nice looking cars but am not at the point where I can tell what kind of motor is good or fast. He likes to take me to car events with him to learn about nice cars and more importantly.. Be his photographer. =P I do not mind at all. I actually love going to these things. The ride there is always fun too.

This event featured a track for different classes of cars to race against time. The boyfriend and his friend, Justin, was in the “GTR / SKYLINE AWD SHOOT OUT” class. It was the boyfriend’s first time and his goal was to get 12 seconds. He went 4 times and the 2nd time got 12.60! He was so excited! I love seeing how happy he gets with his car stuff. There were other cars there running 10, 9, even a few 7 seconds! I can now saw I say some Fast & Furious speeds in real life.

So he accomplished one of his goals today but I didn’t lose out today! I get to cross off “drive a golf cart” off my bucket list. =D And I got a little more experience riding a long board.


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